After shooting five bad films in a row, when “Hello, Li Huanying” came out, she finally counterattacked gorgeously!

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Since its release, the box office of “Hello, Li Huanying” directed by Jia Ling has soared. The daily box office has risen from 290 million yuan to 590 million yuan. It is entirely possible to overtake “Detective Chinatown 3”. It only takes time.

Previously, Jia Ling said that if “Hello, Li Huanying” breaks through 3 billion yuan, she will become a lightning bolt. Judging from the current box office trend, it will soon exceed 3 billion yuan.

In the movie “Hello, Li Huanying”, the most beautiful character is of course Li Huanying, starred by Zhang Xiaofei. In the past, seeing Zhang Xiaofei’s role in movies always gave people an embarrassing feeling, but this time Li Huanying appeared This character is so beautiful and luminous, especially in the red dress, the temperament is too charming.

In recent years, Zhang Xiaofei has been plagued by bad movies. “Happy Comedian” Douban scores 2.6, “Happiness is Coming” Douban scores 3.8, “Leisurely See Nanshan” Douban scores 2.9, “Happy Hunter” Douban scores 3.2, and “The King of Electromagnetism” “Pili Father and Son” Douban scored 2.6 points, each of which rotted out of level and height.

The 2020 “Happy Hunter” is a collaboration between Jia Ling and Zhang Xiaofei, an extraterrestrial drama series, Zhang Xiaofei starred in the drama treasures, goddess image, but unfortunately the drama is too bad, the plot makes people see It was extremely embarrassing.

In 2020, “Electromagnetic King: Thunderbolt Father and Son” is even the best among the best. In the film, she plays a role that likes the super power Liu Lei (played by Wu Jianhao).

Zhang Xiaofei began to participate in movies in 2006 and began to embark on the path of acting, but has always been tepid.

After starring in the skit on the Spring Festival Gala, Zhang Xiaofei gradually participated in comedy reality shows such as “Happy Comedians” and “Comedy Story”. After becoming popular, Zhang Xiaofei focused his career on comedy performances.

Later, he successively took five film and television works that were so rotten to fly, and as soon as “Hello, Li Huanying” was released, Zhang Xiaofei finally counterattacked and presented the most exciting and moving performance since the film.

The part where Li Huanying and Jia Xiaoling were drinking was performed too well. Seeing Jia Xiaoling talking while drinking, she also shed tears. After the reversal, you will find that such a performance is teary.

After 15 years of filming, Zhang Xiaofei’s acting career finally broke out with “Hello, Li Huanying”, and the screen role of Li Huanying has become a classic image of her.


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