After Nguyen Kim, Dien May Xanh announced the exchange of Asanzo TV nationwide - VnReview

After Nguyen Kim, Dien May Xanh announced the exchange of Asanzo TV nationwide – VnReview

Together with Nguyen Kim, the Green Electric Machine system under Mobile World Investment Joint Stock Company has announced the support of changing Asanzo TV products throughout the system.

According to the announcement, customers who bought Asanzo TVs at the Green Electric System can switch to TVs of other brands.

The period of return is from June 27, 2019 to July 15, 2019. Customers who have purchased Asanzo TVs at Green Electronics under warranty conditions (products with warranty period and warranty conditions) can bring any Green Electric stores across the system to be changed to another product.

The converted product value is the purchase price shown on the invoice at the time of purchase, the customer is exchanged to the TV of another brand with the same price or the difference if higher. Do not convert to cash or return money if lower.

The reason Green Electronics offers this TV exchange program is when the origin of Asanzo products is found to be Chinese goods in Vietnamese goods. Along with Asanzo TV exchange program, Dien May Xanh also apologizes to users about the incident related to Asanzo products.

Until now, Dien May Xanh is the second largest electrical system after Nguyen Kim announced the program for customers to convert Asanzo TVs to other TV brands.

On June 21, 2019, Tuoi Tre newspaper published a series of investigations of Asanzo products, which are actually Chinese goods in Vietnamese goods. The Tuoi Tre newspaper has a lot of evidence from the source of Asanzo imported from China, the journey of transporting goods, making false declarations in customs declarations until operating in Asanzo's factory.

Although Mr. Pham Van Tam, owner of Asanzo during the press meeting on June 23, explained that the Company has imported up to 70% of components from China and does not direct employees to tear down Chinese stamps during installation. But before that, on June 22, when working with the Editorial Board of Tuoi Tre Newspaper, he finally had to admit that Asanzo's products were exactly "assembled in Vietnam" and not "Vietnamese goods. ".


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