After "Meng Hualu" was completed, Chen Xiao had another martial arts drama general, and the original novel is a guarantee for the broadcast volume

After “Meng Hualu” was completed, Chen Xiao had another martial arts drama general, and the original novel is a guarantee for the broadcast volume

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Chen Xiao debuted in 2009 and has guest appearances in many classic works such as “Palace Lock Bead Curtain”, “The Guard of the Dragon Gate”, “Happy Mother-in-law and Clever Wife”. Later, it was widely followed by “Lin Pingzhi” in the new version of “Swordsman”, but when he was really liked, it was time for him to star in “Legend of Lu Zhen”, which was also his first starring costume drama.

Because of his outstanding appearance and superb acting skills, he soon became the “Yang Guo” of the 2014 version of “The Legend of Condor Heroes”, and even because of his love with Chen Yanxi, he finally came together, and he is considered a very happy person in the entertainment industry. Entertainer.

To say that Chen Xiao’s most interesting work some time ago was undoubtedly “Ice Rain and Fire”, which was co-produced with Wang Yibo, but it has not been broadcasted for a long time, which also made the audience a little impatient, so he began to transfer to Chen Xiao’s new work. Works.

The play is called “Meng Hua Lu”, starring Chen Xiao, Liu Yifei, Lin Yun, and Liu Yan. It is mainly based on the story of running a tea shop all the way to a big restaurant.

To say that the biggest attraction of this play is Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao. Because Chen Xiao played “Yang Guo” and Liu Yifei was the “ceiling” of “Little Dragon Girl”. Although the two are not characters in the same work, it is still very interesting to see the same frame after the two versions.

Moreover, a Reuters photo of the two in the same frame was also posted some time ago. I have to say that after so many years, Liu Yifei’s appearance is still so “fresh”.

The show is currently still being filmed, and the exact timing of its completion is unknown. However, Chen Xiao came out with another good news, that is, after the show is finished, Chen Xiao still has a new show to pick up, and it is still a masculine martial arts show.

Recently, some netizens broke the news that after Chen Xiao finished filming “Meng Hualu”, he was likely to star in “The Legend of Yunxiang”, a self-made drama of iQiyi.

Maybe the audience is not very familiar with “Yunxiang Biography”, but it is more famous to discuss the original novel of this play.

The play is adapted from the novel “Thousand Gates” by the network writer Gao Yang. It mainly tells the story based on the main line of Qianmen Master Gao Yang, which includes the grievances between the eight gates outside the rivers and lakes and the descendants of Shen Wansan.

The biggest highlight of the play is that the content is very substantial, with “Thousand Doors, Pirate Doors, Suoming Doors, Orchid Doors, Shentiao Doors, Gu Doors, Red Handkerchiefs, and Institution Doors,” and other eight sects. The story behind this kind of resentment and great conspiracy. It can be said that the plot of the play is still very exciting.

Moreover, the original novel is also a work of “an important harvest of the wicked novel after “Ghost Blowing the Lamp””. It can be said that the original novel is the guarantee of the broadcast volume.

In addition, as introduced by netizens, this drama is also a cool drama of a big hero. Swordsmen and heroes are one of the highlights of the drama.

And it’s also starring Chen Xiao, so you don’t have to worry about appearance. Compared with the larger heroine’s “Meng Hualu”, the heroine of the drama “Yunxiang Biography” is naturally even more exciting.

I just don’t know who Chen Xiao will partner with. Who do you think is more suitable to work with Chen Xiao?


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