After making a tens of millions of hits on the first day, they made a new two-dimensional product with a unique style

Recently, Mr. Grape discovered a two-dimensional game with a unique painting style temporarily called “Code Name: Jump Traveler”. When I first saw this cat girl character as an icon, I faintly felt that this product is not simple. This style is different from most of the two-dimensional products on the market, so that it can be impressive at a glance. So I contacted the developer and wanted to try the experience pack.

It is understood that the developer of this product is called Binary Game, and his team has developed a two-dimensional game with a turnover of tens of millions on the first day. At present, they are focusing on the two-dimensional circuit, and there are three projects in the development stage, and “Code Name: Jump Traveler” is the first of them.

Since the announcement last Thursday, in less than a week, the number of appointments for this product at station B has exceeded 100,000. After a simple experience, Mr. Grape found that they not only maintained their previous unique taste, but even had a lot of creative ambitions. To sum it up in one word, it means to fully “differentiate” at all levels.

This is first reflected in the worldview. In recent years, the “doomsday” background has become very popular in the two-dimensional products, and some people even complained about the two-dimensional “having enmity with the earth”, and the world would be destroyed at every turn. But from an intuitive point of view, “Codename: Jump Traveler” simply destroyed the universe… No, it set a set of overhead rules of the universe.

To put it simply, this set of rules is as follows: the energy in the universe is supplied by high dimensions. Once the energy is surplus, it is necessary to return the energy to the high-dimensional universe in the form of a big bang. After the explosion, all planets will become fragments. The creatures that are fortunate enough to survive will mutate due to the energy impact and become a human appearance similar to the monster girl, including but not limited to the beast girl, the plant girl, and even the girl turned into a gem.

These survivors traveled between the stars, collecting debris, trying to “weave” a new planet as a base, and at the same time looking for a way to deal with the big bang.

Obviously, “Code Name: Jump Traveler” intends to use the plot as the cornerstone of the content. After taking the universe and time and space as the stage and exploring and rebuilding as the theme, they also organized a strict timeline to advance the main storyline. What this line of thinking shows is that they have a fairly solid and systematic content structure in the early stages. And the benefits will become more obvious in the later stage: not only does not need to laboriously sort out the world view, the follow-up content and gameplay additions will also become easier.

After the world view, art is closely followed. Under this span, the space for the art style is quite free. Judging from the most intuitive style of painting, the vertical painting of “Code Name: Jump Traveler” adopts a cartoon style that is more American, while the illustrations are more Japanese.

Going down to the design level, the art of “Code Name: Jump Traveler” is bolder than the conventional two-dimensional products. In contrast to the free racial settings of the characters, they tend to adopt some rare color schemes, or even color collisions, which allows many characters to give people a sense of visual impact at the first time.

In addition, the treatment of “texture” is also a highlight of the art of “Code Name: Jump Traveler”. Take the cat lady Dolananae mentioned at the beginning as an example. It may be difficult for you to accurately distinguish from the picture. What kind of texture is her body and hair-hair? rubber? Or a fluid body like a slime? But these are not important, because the key information conveyed on the screen is not the specific material, but a soft, cute and harmless feeling-all you need to know is that this cat girl is very good and rua!

If the illustrations alone can’t make you feel complete, then after adding Live2d’s demeanor, this feeling is quite obvious. Yes, they even made Live2d animations for every character.

The picture in development, subject to the final game

Having said that, these fine art craftsmanship ultimately serve the character itself. If there is a product and you can’t recall a certain character the next day, its character design must not be enough to “catch people.”

From this point alone, the design of “Codename: Jump Traveler” is worthy of recognition. First of all, because the setting is a monster girl mutated from plants, animals, and inorganic objects, each character in the game will have the most intuitive memory point-what they are. For example, Taco is a small red pepper, while Ji Lulu is a green leaf with buds.

And this kind of memory point is often strengthened in the copy, so that the player’s impression of the character is more profound, and even some interesting stalks can be created.

The picture in development, subject to the final game

With the first recognition of race, the second layer of the character is a deeper level of attributes-what kind of occupation, what personality does she have, and what hidden slots? These are also easy to perceive and remember through some low-level content that breaks the convention. In art, the design of different natural product characteristics is often added to the game, such as the most common technology + nature. This kind of abnormal combination does not have much sense of violation under the setting of alien civilization.

In terms of copywriting, contrary to the serious theme of post-disaster reconstruction, “Code Name: Leap Traveler” focuses on a relaxed and cheerful, even a little sand sculpture style. Players can talk to each character, listen to their mantras, complain, and get potential information from them. For example, Taco must be a lively maid, but she can sometimes be reckless; while Ji Lulu is a calm and intelligent AI girl, but occasionally she can be a bit poisonous.

The picture in development, subject to the final game

Although the first impression of “Code Name: Leap Traveler” is relatively relaxed, after the experience, you can feel that their production standards for characters and content are quite strict and professional. This standard, coupled with the freedom of the subject matter, on the one hand allows furry, monster girls, and anthropomorphic fans to find resonance, on the other hand, it is also conducive to attracting more general players. At least from this level, I have some expectations for the content of “Codename: Leap Traveler”.

After the bottom content is laid out, the performance techniques of “Code Name: Jump Traveler” are also worthy of fun. At this level, their characteristics are still novel and immersive. Like the game interface UI, a design form that simulates the mobile phone interface is adopted. The functions that originally appeared in the game have become App icons in this form.

The picture in development, subject to the final game

Regardless of the visual comfort, this design can certainly derive more interesting gameplay, even META gameplay beyond screen interaction.

Speaking of the gameplay level, what I have experienced so far is pixel-style placement + auto chess battle. Each character has a different attack range and skill. After the position is set in advance, the chess piece will be in the automatic battle. Attack while moving. Unlike the usual idle games, in addition to matching lineups, players also need to think about the rules of movement of the chess pieces and make reasonable use of the terrain on the board.

The picture in development, subject to the final game

I like this design method very much-it is so similar to the so-called “category fusion”. This is certainly not a breakthrough design, but it is a thoughtful gameplay fusion. And you may not think that they even explained the gameplay with settings to further enhance the sense of immersion-the three-dimensional character “transitions” to the two-dimensional space to fight, and it becomes the pixel character you see.

On top of this basic mechanism, “Codename: Jump Traveler” can also expand some more interesting gameplay, such as Roguelike. Their current thinking is to combine the season system to make out-of-game growth, which is the so-called talent tree, and then explore some random elements such as rich maps, buffs, puzzles, and easter eggs to make the entire gameplay more playable.

The picture in development, subject to the final game

At this stage, the gameplay of “Codename: Leap Traveler” is still in a fairly early stage of development and cannot be considered a complete product. However, the content of its current plan is enough to make me look forward to it-the binary game is not only aimed at this product, they even want to make a series of IP similar to the Marvel Universe.

Judging from the official information shown to me, “Code Name: Leap Transition Traveler” is only the first work in “Leap Transition Universe”, and the subsequent release of “Leap Transition 2” (this is the code name) and “Code Name: Stars” are all similar to ” Code name: Jump Traveler” is in the same universe.

“Yuechang 2” can be said to be the prequel of “Codename: Jumping Traveler” in the timeline, but in terms of plot, it also inherits the follow-up development of “Codename: Jumping Traveler”: because there is a mechanism that travels through time and space, the first The characters in the department will go back to the past, and the whole plot will therefore form a closed loop.

Compared with before, they have gone a step further in content layout-at the earliest stage, they began to think about how to form a complete IP. At present, the official has released a plot lead PV. From the perspective of production quality, it is entirely possible for them to develop a derivative form such as an animated series.

Before the product was launched, few manufacturers had the confidence to do so. But if you want to start from the bottom and polish the content to the best, maybe this is a very close to the right path.

In the future, more and more manufacturers will realize this and embark on this path. What will the two-dimensional pattern at that time become? At least from the “Codename: Jump Traveler” product, we may be able to start paying attention to this change.

Source: Game Grapes


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