After Facebook and Google, Twitter in turn will also ban cryptocurrency ads

The crypto market is being engulfed in its biggest storm since the beginning of the year to date.

It seems that for social networks and media, cryptocurrencies are becoming a threat to users. Following Facebook and Google, Twitter is also planning to ban cryptocurrency-related advertisements (cryptocurrency) and ICO activities.

Starting in January, Facebook officially banned Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and ICO related advertisements. This social network believes that these types of investments contain many risks and frauds. Followed by Facebook is Google, too.

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Twitter’s cryptocurrency-related advertising ban scheme can be officially applied in the next 2 weeks. Some advertisements related to cryptocurrency trading may also be banned, but there may be some exceptions.

As we all know, the Twitter social network is considered a nest of fraudulent and fraudulent activities related to cryptocurrencies. Scammers make it easy to create a fake account with celebrities like billionaire Elon Musk, John McAfee or Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. Then ask people to deposit money into their wallet, in exchange for a bonus.

Twitter’s scheme to ban cryptocurrency ads hopes to help prevent these social scams. However, this move will also have a great impact on the market, which is still being engulfed in the storm.

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