After concealing it for 6 years, Yang Mi finally admitted that he actually loved him the most. Netizens couldn't believe it

After concealing it for 6 years, Yang Mi finally admitted that he actually loved him the most. Netizens couldn’t believe it

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Yang Mi has been playing steadily in the entertainment industry since her debut. From a small supporting role to an absolute heroine, every role has witnessed her hard work and struggle.

In life, Yang Mi experienced marrying Hawick Lau at the time of the fire. It was also very sweet at the time and was favored by everyone. Unexpectedly, the final two people ended up divorced.

Yang Mi and Liu Hawick met and fell in love with each other because of the filming of “Ruyi”. On November 13, 2013, the two announced their marriage. Then, on January 8, 2014, the two held their wedding in Bali.

After the marriage, Yang Mi gave birth to small glutinous rice. The relationship between the couple was very sweet. Liu Hawick regarded Yang Mi as the “eldest daughter” to spoil him, and Yang Mi would also call Liu Hawick “Uncle Liu”.

I thought that the two of them could walk happily all the time. I didn’t expect that after the incident of Hawick Lau’s “Luminous Script”, the relationship between the two fell to a freezing point. Although there were also rumors that Yang Mi and Hawick Lau were at odds with each other, but they were all somewhat different. Guess, not long after this incident, Yang Mi and Liu Hawick announced their divorce, which is really embarrassing.

In fact, before he fell in love with Hawick Lau, Yang Mi also reported several romances. Among them, he and Hu Ge were rumored to have been in love. Yang Mi and Hu Ge met when they filmed “Liao Zhai: Nie Xiaoqian” in 2005, and then cooperated again. “Sword 3”, it is said that Yang Mi and Hu Ge fell in love because of the filming of the TV series “Sword”.

At that time, during the media investigation, it was obvious that the two people had a good relationship. Hu Ge also said that Yang Mi felt like a little girl, but “Sword III” felt that she had grown up. Hu Ge even jokingly called Yang Mi a barbarian girlfriend on the set.

Since then, various small interactions between the two on Weibo have also been discovered by careful fans.

It’s a pity that the good times didn’t last long. In the end, the three-year relationship between Yang Mi and Hu Ge became a memory. They could only bless each other silently in their hearts and never forget each other.

After concealing it for 6 years, Yang Mi finally admitted that he actually loved him the most, netizens: unbelievable. Yang Mi had been with Hu Ge, which made many netizens unbelievable. Some even claimed that Yang Mi had publicly stated that Hu Ge was the type that all girls wanted to marry, thoughtful and funny, and he was a perfect man. But the two still have no fate together.

Today, Yang Mi has experienced marriage and divorce. Among female stars of the same age, Yang Mi’s commercial value is high. Her traffic and popularity are obvious to all.

Regarding feelings, Yang Mi also walked out of the shadow of the divorce, started a new life, and rumored a scandal with Wei Daxun. Anyway, I hope Yang Mi can find his own happiness as soon as possible in the future!

Do you think that Yang Mi and Wei Daxun might be together?


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