Sforum - Latest technology information page Samsung-phat-trien-mang-5G-1 After China, South Korean giant Samsung has also begun to develop 6G

After China, the Korean giant Samsung has also embarked on the development of 6G

An official of Samsung Electronics Co. June 4 said the company has opened a new research center to develop 6G network technology, to participate in the global race in this relatively new field.

At the moment, 5G has not been widely deployed when only a few locations in the world users can access this network on a few 5G devices. However, that does not prevent Samsung from looking further into the future with the sixth generation mobile network – 6G.

Yesterday (June 4), Samsung officially confirmed that it has expanded its existing telecommunications technology research group to the level of a hub after the launch of 5G network. Previously, this was only part of the recently established Advanced Media Research Center of Samsung Research, acting as the company's main R&D organization in Seoul.

Sforum - The latest technology information page 1947037 After China, South Korean giant Samsung has also started to develop 6G

But in addition to 6G research, Samsung Research is also in charge of artificial intelligence and robots. However, with the current development of the 5G network, it will take a long time for the next generation mobile network to work. In fact, it will be a few years after the 5G network becomes popular worldwide.

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Article source: GSM Arena


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