After cheating a school girl, what about Wang Junkai?
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After cheating a school girl, what about Wang Junkai?

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Hello everyone, I am Xiaoling.

This may be the funniest joke I have heard this year. The magic of the whole thing made me laugh all the people who didn’t know it.

The thing is like this.

In a university in Nanchong, Sichuan, a boy confessed to a girl that he had failed.

At that time, I couldn’t get off the stage very much, and the girls were very unfeeling and didn’t give him any intention to step down.

So he came up with a “good way” to redeem his dignity:

He yelled Wang Junkai as he ran.

Then some girls who didn’t know the truth heard him and ran after him. One pass ten, ten pass a hundred, and finally developed that the number of people chasing “Wang Junkai” exceeded tens of thousands.

The girl who usually removes her make-up and does not go out for dinner, just put on her pajamas and came out.

Some people even came out with a shower cap on their heads when they were half wrapped in a bath towel.

More importantly, the dyed hair came out half way through with a dye.

It really complied with the saying “Wang Junkai may be late, but Wang Junkai’s wives will never be absent”.

A long line of tens of thousands of people rushed to the school gate, but the gate security was frightened.

The security guard at the gate took out the pager and kept shouting “Students rushed to the door, asking for support…”

After figuring out the reason,

The uncles just reacted.

Shouting to everyone, absolutely no outsiders enter!

Attempt to prove that he is not dereliction of duty.

Helplessly, the student has fallen into madness, and no one pays attention to the security guard’s call.

Many people may be asking, how did such a big battle finally settle?

Tell everyone. In the end, the uncle security drove a car and patrolled everyone to go back to the dormitory, and used a tweeter to explain to everyone that Wang Junkai was not here.

After urgent measures were taken to refute the rumors, many people slowly returned to their dormitories and their lives returned to peace.

There is a particularly interesting detail in this matter, that is, the boy who confessed that his failure caused tens of thousands of people to run wildly said to his friend:

“I really envy Wang Junkai that boy”

This melon is really magical and has aroused heated discussions among countless netizens.

Some netizens are very angry and feel that the current children chasing stars are too crazy. Once they hear that the stars are coming, they will ignore them, even their own lives.

But Xiaoling feels that we still don’t have to go too far on this matter. As a netizen commented:

“The point is not who is who came, but the opportunity to vent the distress in my heart. Even if Zhao Si from the Northeast is here, I also ran happily.”

It’s true that many people are crazy to follow stars, but in light of the closed management of universities this year, many people’s behavior is just to vent their depression.

Some netizens feel that the boy who confessed his failure should be held responsible.

Xiao Ling felt that it was even unnecessary. After all, he confessed that he had failed and was deeply hit by Wang Junkai. At this time, he would blame him for being too inhuman.

In addition, he was just trying to find a reason to escape the scene quickly to save his self-esteem, and the development of the subsequent situation was really not what he wanted.

So I think everyone is the same as me. It’s good to watch the excitement. You don’t have to go online and you must assign a responsibility to everyone.

Today’s article is very relaxed, and I want to end it with a paragraph.

Instead of asking for help, the security guard said: “That’s Yi Yang Qianxi, you fake fan invite you out!”

Hi everybody, I’m….

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