After being trained for a year, Xiao Zhan’s new business can be vacated without announcing fans from the main studio...

After being trained for a year, Xiao Zhan’s new business can be vacated without announcing fans from the main studio…

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Welcome to Qinghuan text, the topic of this article: After being “exercised” for a year, Xiao Zhan’s new business can be vacated without the master and the studio to announce fans… I hope you like it.

After experiencing the “227” storm, Xiao Zhan, Xiao Zhan fans, and Xiao Zhan team have been trained for nearly a year, and the feelings of everyone who stayed are deeper.

Recently, Mengniu Dairy’s official blog announced that Xiao Zhan was the brand spokesperson. This news is actually quite shocking. After all, Mengniu Dairy has many branch spokespersons, including Yishang Qianxi, Wang Yibo, Wang Junkai, Zhang Yixing, Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying, Yang Zi, Song The flow artists like Akane, especially the top three, are considered top stars, and fans naturally have objections. I have argued and even asked the brand official blog, but everything has already been signed in accordance with the contract, and it is not that easy to change.

As for Xiao Zhan, many people were shocked that Xiao Zhan could still win such a big business endorsement and various fan disputes, Xiao Zhan himself and his studio official blog actually did not publish this endorsement…

In fact, Xiao Zhan himself was bubbling, but he updated his work on Oasis, and it was just two simple paintings. The painting was still painted by Xiao Zhan in the middle of the night, and he was enthusiastic about interacting with fans. Moreover, the person on the painting was him, and the weird vibrato video with him did not come out to announce a new endorsement.

Probably Xiao Zhan’s studio is also very cautious, and will not easily give black fans a chance to bring “krypton gold” public opinion. But the studio does not announce it, which depends on the trust between the team and the business. Of course, there is this trust in Mengniu and Xiao Zhan.

Because Xiao Zhan had already endorsed Mengniu’s Zhenguo Tablets before, and the online sales of Zhenguo Tablets have always been outstanding. Even if the official blog of Zhenguolian did not bring Xiao Zhan to the announcement in the six months after the “227” incident, Xiao Zhan fans can understand and continue to support it. Therefore, with such a real background, Mengniu Dairy naturally trusts Xiao Zhan fans.

In fact, there is a good saying that the brand that has experienced “227” with Xiao Zhan and his fans is more aware of Heizi’s sniper damage and the support ability of fans. Therefore, when Mengniu decided to hire Xiao Zhan as the brand spokesperson after investigating for so long, he naturally believed him.

Xiao Zhan is also a smart person. After interacting with the fans, it is impossible for the fans to be indifferent to his related matters. The first heavyweight endorsement at the beginning of the year, fans naturally know how excited and important they are, so there is no need for Xiao Zhan to post a blog promotion at all, fans will naturally give him the greatest support.

In fact, Xiao Zhan, Xiao Zhan Studio, and Mengniu Dairy will just follow the steps that have been negotiated and signed, so they are relatively calm on the surface.

The only thing that is not calm is “Niu Mengmeng”. After the official announcement, they did activities and sold the same milk cards. A large number of fans flooded in, and the small program got stuck. Then the programmers worked overtime and stayed up late to repair. However, even with that card, the number of people who want to buy the same money has exceeded 430,000. “Niu Mengmeng” Xiao Zhan star shop’s new stock of the same model sold out, and the milk card sold out. Fans are slowly waiting for the shipment. “Niu Mengmeng” was very satisfied. The pictures below the notice were all pictures of sleeping under a blanket with money.

From the promotion of the branch brand spokesperson to the brand spokesperson of Mengniu Dairy, it can be seen that Mengniu Dairy recognizes the continuity of Xiao Zhan’s traffic, that is, fans can support the official announcement, and then gradually sink; that is, fans can provide a steady stream of Support, even when Xiao Zhan’s public opinion is dim and unclear, even when the brand’s public attitude towards Xiao Zhan is not very clear, fans still did not give up. This makes observers feel at ease, so they can naturally trust the market value.

I believe that after Mengniu’s public opening, more businesses will want to cooperate with Xiao Zhan. Xiao Zhan can be regarded as holding on. The endorsement grade has not declined, nor has he picked up some unwilling endorsements in order to maintain a temporary public opinion. Choosing endorsements is also responsible, which also allows fans to buy the products he endorsed with peace of mind. Just go on with such a healthy development, come on.


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