After being blocked, Zheng Shuang, the biggest benefactor behind the exposure, netizens: no wonder the resources are so good

After being blocked, Zheng Shuang, the biggest benefactor behind the exposure, netizens: no wonder the resources are so good

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Some time ago, Zheng Shuang was exposed because of the surrogacy incident. The popularity and discussion on the Internet have been high. Because his behavior touched people’s bottom line, many people resisted.

Not only the awards received were retracted, but many advertisers cancelled their contracts, and even the film and television works she starred in were also removed. However, as time went on, many people found that the discussion about Zheng Shuang was obviously low. A lot of it, so some people speculated that it had something to do with the sponsor behind her being.

Zheng Shuang said when he was most popular, he didn’t want to be so high-profile, but “I am the first to get resources for acting, awards, covers, and movies in the entertainment industry.”

Moreover, she has repeatedly stated that the resources she has obtained are the top level. Everyone has no doubt what position in the entertainment circle dare to make her so “arrogant”? Until the surrogacy incident was blocked, the biggest benefactor behind her gradually emerged.

The insider broke the news that the gold lord’s name is Hu Guangsong. He is said to be one of the founders of the Actors’ Guild. He has very good relationships with Feng Xiaogang, Zhao Benshan and Jackie Chan. He is also a heavyweight in Beijing. A few netizens said: No wonder the resources are so good.

Even Feng Xiaogang respects Zheng Shuang very much. Even during an event, because he was too busy to take care of Zheng Shuang, he even explained it online.

You know, after Zheng Shuang’s scandal broke out, almost all TV stations dared not take it. Only Beijing TV station allowed him to participate in the program recording after he admitted to abandoning the raising.

Since her debut, Zheng Shuang has been playing the role of Xiao Baihua. I think most people have known her from “Let’s Watch Meteor Shower”.

After starring in “Let’s See Meteor Shower Together”, after being fancyed by the director of “Painting Wall”, she played a fairy in the movie. With this role, she was rated as the most beautiful fairy in a decade on the big screen.

For this role, she was nominated for the New Actor Gold Award of the Hong Kong Film Directors Guild and the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Newcomer.

Later, he played a role in the great director Wu Jinyuan’s work “Lonely Empty Garden, Spring Wants Evening”. In this work, Zheng Shuang’s acting skills have been improved and received unanimous praise from netizens.

Zheng Shuang starred in his work “Youth Fight” in 2018. Zheng Shuang dressed casually and masculine in the play. It was very different from the previous roles. After the TV series was broadcast, it was widely praised.

In 2020, Zheng Shuang’s family was also invited to be on the Spring Festival Gala of Beijing TV. These experiences show how extensive her connections are. Feng Xiaogang introduced at a press conference like a bigwig in the entertainment industry: She is me friend.

In a word, it can be regarded as exposing the fig leaf in the entertainment circle, that is, if you want to mix well in the entertainment circle, it is absolutely impossible to have no connections and relationships.

With the support of such a top boss, it’s no wonder how Zheng Shuang is a demon in the circle, and he still develops so well. I have to say that the water in the entertainment circle is really deep.

Therefore, the entertainment industry is said to be the most chaotic circle, and it is the operation behind it that can help the development of the stars.

Zheng Shuang, who originally had such resources, was enough to let her go smoothly in the entertainment circle, but her behavior touched the bottom line, and she was “made” by herself.

In addition, a few days after the incident, she began to show signs of a comeback, but whether she could return in the end is still a question mark.

After all, whether such things are in the entertainment industry or in real life, her behavior has already touched the bottom line of most people, and it may not be so easy to make a comeback.

As an artist, you must always remember your own character as an artist, only in this way can you go further in the future.


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