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After a period of silence, Marvel announced a new member of the MCU

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Actress Tatiana Maslany has just been announced by Marvel to join the MCU, taking on the role of She-Hulk for the upcoming Disney + series.

Marvel fans have reason to celebrate when actress Tatiana Maslany will play She-Hulk in the upcoming Disney + series – and it seems perfect for her to be cast.

Disney + has announced plans to produce the She-Hulk series in 2019, and with its 40-year treasure trove of comics, Marvel will definitely have a variety of development options for this character. The production process is under the influence of Covid-19, but information about the actor taking on the role is enough to excite fans after a long silence from Marvel.

Who is the She-Hulk character in the MCU?

She-Hulk, also known as Jennifer Walters, is Bruce Banner’s cousin. She is the one who received the Hulk’s power after an emergency blood transfusion in the event of an accident.

Walters was a successful attorney working in Los Angeles before she received special qualifications. One day, when Bruce came to visit her, she was shot down by gangsters as they tried to silence her client before he testified against them. In order to save his cousin’s life, Bruce infuses her with his own contaminated blood, and she then has the ability to transform into a muscular green version of her anger.


Marvel chose Tatiana Maslany for the role of She-Hulk in the MCU

Tatiana Maslany is known after the series “Orphan Black”, in which she played the role of more than a dozen clone characters alone, making up a large proportion of the show’s cast and thereby helping her win the Emmy . Her other roles include a variety of genres, from theater to television.


Actress Maslany has proven throughout her career that she has good acting skills, especially with her transformation in “Orphan Black” with many characters with distinct tastes, voices, and body language. . She will definitely deliver a lively performance as She-Hulk, especially with the diverse side of the character transforming between Jennifer Walters’ dynamism and the ego of becoming She-Hulk.

Aside from some of She-Hulk’s humorous backstories, the character also has other storylines with a much more serious tone. Actress Maslany has also demonstrated that her comedy skills are just as strong when she starred in dramas with “Orphan Black” or “Stronger”.

Tatiana Maslany once made a splash with the ‘Orphan Black’ series

Currently, Maslany has been welcomed by “cousin” Mark Ruffalo – whom fans hope will also appear in the She-Hulk series – into the MCU family. She will definitely easily integrate into the Marvel family to become an exciting new part of Phase 4.

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