After a debate of nearly 10 years Jérémy Gabriel before the Supreme Court on Monday

After a debate of nearly 10 years Jérémy Gabriel before the Supreme Court on Monday

After a debate of nearly 10 years, it is Monday that the case opposing comedian Mike Ward to Jérémy Gabriel will be heard in front of the highest court in the country.

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This is the last step in this case, after going before the Human Rights Tribunal and the Court of Appeal.

The latter, in November 2019, had agreed with Jérémy Gabriel and condemned the comedian to pay $ 35,000 to the one who had been the subject of mockery because of his disability during a series of shows.

Monday’s hearing, which will be held by videoconference before the nine judges of the Supreme Court, is of “national significance”, according to the lawyer who will present the brief of Jérémy Gabriel, Mr.e Stéphane Harvey. “The Supreme Court will determine where freedom of expression begins and where it ends,” he explains.

It is at the end of this debate that Jérémy Gabriel will know if he wins his case. “It’s a little stressful, it’s the last step, it’s going to be crucial, but I feel calm and I’m also happy that we’re getting there,” he said.


The 24-year-old recalls that the show in which he was slandered has been presented 230 times and is still widely available on the internet today. There was no “censorship” in this file, according to him. “There is a responsibility that Mr. Ward must take,” he said.

Although he anticipates a victory, Jérémy Gabriel is eager to move on. “I was a child, a disabled child who had to live with it, but who, on top of that, had to learn to live with bullying and the result of a spectacle that shattered my whole adolescence and a good part of my life. adulthood, ”says the man who has also received death threats.

“It weighs heavy, it’s been long, it’s been almost 10 years”, ends the one who says “proud of the fight” he led. Mike Ward and the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse will also be heard on Monday.


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