After 19 failures, 72-year-old grandfather gave up his dream of University - Photo 1.

After 19 failing exams, his 72-year-old grandfather refused to give up his University dream

After 19 failures at the University, 72-year-old grandfather from Liaoning Province, China – decided to let go of the "noble dream".

Mr. Khang's great-grandfather was in a difficult situation, having to earn a living by collecting scrap metal. He makes money by picking up and selling everything that people throw to the street.

Over the years, Mr. Khang said he spent more than 3,000 yuan (more than 10 million dong) of registration fees for Chinese university entrance exams.

The already difficult life without money to buy materials or books, all the tools of this unfortunate grandfather came from trash.

Khang said, the first time he signed up for the exam in 1978. Then, when the University's age limit law was removed in 2001, he decided to pursue his education dream again and return. Exam school every year since then. In the past 41 years, Mr. Khang has taken the University exam 19 times.

The highest score of the instrument is 303 points (2019), the lowest is 73 points. In China, the absolute high university test score is 750 points.

After several decades of book lights and exams, Mr. Khang said it was time for him to give up.

He said that this year's exam is really unfavorable: "I didn't do the writing exam, how to write so many words with these trembling hands."

On Weibo, Chinese netizens seem to be very sorry and sympathetic to Mr. Khang, who send their best wishes and hope that he will be happy from now until the end of his life.

"I went to the University exam once and that's enough," a Weibo user confided.

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