Chinese Army developed its own Windows operating system - Photo 1.
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Afraid of being invaded by the US, Chinese military developed its own operating system

Amid escalating political and trade tension with the US, Chinese officials decided to develop a custom operating system to replace the Windows operating system in Chinese military computers.

While not publicly available on regular government channels, this decision was discovered by Canadian military journal Kanwa Asian Defense in early May.

This is not the first time China has attempted to create an operating system to replace Windows. When Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP – China tried to create an operating system called NeoKylin OS, with the same interface as Windows XP, so users don't feel strange. But the code below seems to be based on the Linux platform with many features of this platform.

However, according to Kawan magazine, this time Chinese military officials instead of moving from Windows to Linux will develop their own customized operating system.

Nor do these officials trust the German-developed programmable controller (PLC), which is being used in 70% of China's current industrial control system, when it thinks it could cause Great risks for China's national security. According to their conception, China is just "Network giant", not one"Superpower on the network "Therefore, China needs to upgrade its network to become more advanced in network technology.

Previously, thanks to news leaks from Snowden, Shadow Brokers and Vault, Chinese officials knew that the United States had a huge repository of hacking tools, allowing attacks on anything, from the TV. to Linux servers, from routers to popular desktop computer operating systems, such as Windows and Mac.

Chinese military developed its own operating system to replace Windows - Photo 2.

NeoKylin's operating system interface, an attempt to replace China's Windows XP.

When these leaked news show that the US can hack into anything, Chinese officials have planned the approach. "security by disappearing"and use a custom operating system so that foreign threats are difficult to penetrate and monitor Chinese military operations.

Along with Kanwa's report, the report from Epoch Times also said that the task of developing this new operating system to replace Windows will be assigned to the "Internet Information Security Leadership Group" (Internet Security Information Leadership Group "). .

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