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Affirming the leading position in the segment of 7 million!

Oppo F9 can be considered a worthwhile upgrade compared to its predecessor F7, in terms of design, features and price. And yet, Oppo F9 also has dual camera system that supports many interesting photography features, selfie camera resolution “crisis” 25MP. So whether the actual Oppo F9 experience satisfies the user, let’s come to the detailed review right below.


While many other manufacturers on the market are struggling to find a notch design for their smartphones so that they are neat and optimal, Oppo is one step ahead with the design of “drops”. water ”is extremely unique and delicate. In fact, the “water” on the F9 simply contains the front camera, the speaker is made very thin and close to the upper edge of the device.

In terms of overall design, the Oppo F9 has a traditional design with curved edges that make it comfortable to hold, free of fingers. In addition, the size is also very fit thanks to the side edges are made very thin, making it easy to use the device with just one hand.

The back continues to be the advantage of F9, Oppo uses the material is “organic” glass (a mixture of plastic and glass), giving F9 a very luxurious and different style. Ie has both the sleek and high-end advantages of glass, but carries the light weight of plastic. With the color back called Oppo “Gradient”, the color will shine and change every time you change the angle of view or light shining on. However, it is also quite easy to stick fingerprints, one of the unavoidable defects of most devices with glass backs today.


The screen of the F9 is quite large with 6.3-inch with the actual ratio of ownership up to 91%, displaying the 19.5: 9 aspect ratio, impressive resolution of FHD + (2340×1080 pixels). . In fact, the display quality of F9 is nothing to blame, high resolution makes the icons and fonts appear smooth, high definition, colors are quite vibrant, clear, good viewing angles. When using the device outdoors with strong sunlight, the brightness at the highest level still ensures visibility.


Oppo F9 features an 8-core Helio P60 processor based on the 12nm architecture, 5 A53 cores and 4 A73 cores with 2.0GHz clock speed, Mali G72MP3 graphics integrated with 800Mhz clock speed. Additionally, it has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. Theoretically, the configuration of the F9 is quite impressive and ensures smooth execution of many heavy tasks at the same time.

In the game Lien Lien, Oppo F9 operates very smoothly and smoothly. Even in teamfights with more complex graphics, F9 still didn’t show lag. According to measurements from Gamebench, the F9 retains a frame rate of 31 FPS (frames per second), an impressive figure for a mid-range device today.

Continue to experience games that require heavier graphics such as Need for Speed, Oppo F9 continues to round shoulders when owning the Gamebench 31FPS (frames per second). Smooth transitions, clear effects, showing the characteristics of a heavy game that records every emotion from the graphics at each race.

Oppo F9 continues to score points when experience heavy games for a long time, the device just got warm and did not happen the phenomenon of overheating. The battery life is sufficiently low to let you play continuously Mobile Union or Need for Speed ​​within 4, 5 hours.

Battery life

3,500mAh capacity to meet quite well your daily use needs. I unplug the charger from 7am and arrive at around 8pm to charge the charger. The intensity of using my device is quite a lot in a day, such as reading news, checking gmail continuously, surfing social networks, taking about 1 hour to play games (Lien Quan Mobile, Need for speeds, Candy Crushs), get some Call and use high frequency chat applications. If used with lower intensity, F9 can comfortably stay up to day 2.

In terms of charging speed, Oppo is generous when equipping the Super VOOC charging standard for the F9. The device only takes 5 minutes to charge up to 10% battery and 15 minutes to 20% battery, after an hour, the device reaches the battery life milestone up to 85%. But in the later stage, the charging speed slowed down and it took a total of 1 hour 42 minutes to fully charge the device battery. These can be considered as quite impressive numbers for the charging speed of the Android world. In case you need a crew, Super VOOC can help you survive for half a day with only 15 to 30 minutes of charging.


Oppo F9 is equipped with a dual camera system that supports background image removal, while integrating AI to enhance the quality of photos. Theoretically, the F9 has a rear camera with a resolution of 16MP for the main lens and 2MP for an auxiliary lens that supports background removal. The front camera of the device has a giiar resolution up to 25MP with an aperture of up to F / 2.0.

First we will talk about the main camera system. The image quality that F9 achieved in bright enough conditions is quite perfect, high detail, good color saturation. Especially in backlit conditions, there is no phenomenon of excessive brightness difference.

Each block of sky clouds and water ripples show a clear, true to every detail. With 16MP high resolution, when 2x zoom still image quality is quite stable.

The shooting performance of Oppo F9 can respond immediately, users just need to pick up the phone and press the button, not having to worry about any other issues surrounding the device. The focusing speed of the device is relatively stable, but in situations where objects move continuously, such as a flower branch swinging in the image above, you must use the “touch the subject you want to focus” to help the machine. easily identify the intended subject.

When HDR is enabled, the shutter speed will be reduced by a few milliseconds so that the software camera system processes colors in backlit or complex lighting. You can see the image below for a closer look.

Some other images taken by Oppo F9 with Auto mode in bright light conditions:

In more complex dark conditions, the shutter speed of the F9 was reduced. Forcing you to hold the camera firmly to help ensure image quality to ensure full definition.

In darker conditions, the F9 struggles a bit both in terms of shutter speed and image processing capabilities. However, it will not be too difficult for you to get the desired image. The most important principle of the photographer is still to ensure that the camera is maintained before and during the press of the shutter key.

In terms of image quality in severe low light conditions, the F9 reduces shutter speed and limits ISO enhancement to minimize noise. In addition, the status of image processing is quite a lot to minimize noise, making the details of photos taken on F9 slightly distorted, colors are also more pale. These are completely understandable for a mid-range device priced at only about 7 million.

Oppo F9’s font removal camera is really impressive with smooth skin handling but still ensures the authenticity and does not make the feeling “Fantasy”. In addition, the background and display subject is also a plus for the camera system “remove fonts” of F9.

Front camera of Oppo F9 will still be the focal point with a sensor system of up to 25MP resolution when possessing the inherent privileges of the manufacturer from China. Faces are beautified with AI camera options, facial details are removed, and facial edges are refined to give the face a harmonious and natural look. Best.

Color filters with many options are an indispensable function for Oppo selfie cameras.

Funny emoji icons with quick face recognition are ready to work with you in any situation.

Selfie photos of the camera Oppo F9 shimmering and very “virtual” is not it? Please take a look at some other photos taken from the front camera of F9.

Cute funny icons with Sticker mode

The “seflie” mode clears fonts with good subject and background recognition

Instead of the conclusion

Oppo has been working hard to bring to the user a mid-range machine that converges many elements of a high-end mobile product, such as the trendy water drop design, glossy colors, dual camera to remove fonts, Impressive selfie camera, guaranteed performance, high battery life and super fast charging speed with Super VOOC. Obviously, F9 has a lot of advantages for you to consider in the 7 million price segment.

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