AFF Cup 2018 schedule, Vietnam clashes Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos

AFF Cup 2018 schedule, Vietnam clashes Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos

AFF Cup 2018 schedule will be announced right after the draw for the AFF Cup 2018 division takes place in Jakarta, Indonesia at 14:00 this afternoon, May 2, 2018. Readers across the country will definitely be interested in this event, please watch the AFF Cup 2018 FixtureThe AFF Cup 2018 schedule is updated fastest and most accurately by ElectrodealPro.

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AFF Cup 2018 schedule takes place from November 8 to December 15, with the participation of 10 teams divided into 2 groups. From the semi-finals, teams still play in the old format, with the first leg and return leg.

The draw results are divided into the table, the AFF Cup 2018 match schedule

The final results have been determined

– Group A consists of the following teams: Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos

– Group B consists of the following teams: Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, East Asia or Brunei

* Time for the AFF Cup 2018:
– From November 8 to December 15, 2018.

* Schedule of the Vietnamese team at the AFF Cup 2018
– November 8: Laos vs Vietnam (on Laos field), time … (updating)
– November 16: Vietnam vs Malaysia (at My Dinh Stadium), time … (updating)
– November 20: Myanmar vs Vietnam (on Myanmar field), time … (updating)
– November 24: Vietnam vs Cambodia (at My Dinh Stadium), time … (updating)

* AFF Cup 2018 Awards

– The championship team is awarded 200,000 USD equivalent to 4.5 billion VND
– The runner-up was awarded 75,000 USD, equivalent to 1.7 billion VND
– Third place team member is awarded 50,000 USD, equivalent to 1.1 billion VND

The draw results split the AFF Cup table

* AFF Cup 2018 fixtures

2018's first aff cup competition schedule

Mode of draw, division of tables, schedule of AFF Cup 2018

According to the new charter announcement from the Football Association of Southeast Asia (AFF), the AFF Cup 2018 schedule will be changed as follows, each team will play two matches at home and two matches on the field. guests to determine the 2 best and runner up teams from each group to the semi-finals. Specifically, the No. 1 seed team (Vietnam and Thailand) will play the 2nd and 4th match at home, the 1st and 3rd match away, this means that in the first match, The Vietnamese team only has to be a guest on the field of the team in the group of 5, the most underrated group in the tournament, be it Laos or the team that wins the play-off match between Brunei and East Timor.

Then, in the second match at My Dinh’s home field, Vietnam will host the team located in the second group, Indonesia or Malaysia. In the third round, Vietnam will be a guest on the field of the 3rd group Myanmar or the Philippines before returning to My Dinh to play the final match with the 4th group Singapore or Cambodia.
AFF Cup 2018 will be an affirmation for Coach Park Hang Seo after the success of the Asian U23 tournament on the strength of the Vietnamese team in the region. Stay tuned for the AFF Cup 2018 schedule, which is continuously updated by ElectrodealPro this afternoon 2/5


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