Aerophagia: causes, symptoms and treatment

Aerophagia: causes, symptoms and treatment

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THE aerophagy it is part of the benign digestive disorders that can cause discomfort in a person’s daily life. This is because this physiological phenomenon generates large amounts of air in the digestive tract, especially during meals.

  • Definition of aerophagia

  • Causes of aerophagia

  • Symptoms of aerophagia

  • Aerophagia treatment

Definition of aerophagia

Aerophagia is a condition that can worsen in the presence of some diseases, such as abdominal swelling, mild gastrointestinal disturbance or complications in the area around the nose and pharynx. Aerophagia is a term that derives from the Greek and literally means ‘to ingest air’. It can, in many situations, create embarrassment, although it is not serious. It is essential not to confuse aerophagia with gastroesophageal reflux, which generates similar symptoms. In case of burning, a medical consultation is essential.

Causes of aerophagia

Coming from an inadequate diet, related to the excessive consumption of some foods and drinks, such as fizzy and sugary foods, aerophagia is also related to the fact of eating too quickly, which favors the intake of a large amount of air. Anxiety problems – especially those caused by stress – are among the risk factors.

Symptoms of aerophagia

Aerophagia manifests itself with a feeling of heaviness in the stomach and belching, which may be accompanied by flatulence, which are the ways to alleviate the problems caused by excess air in digestion. As the symptoms of aerophagia are very similar to those of gastroesophageal reflux, a medical consultation is decisive in case of doubts or worsening of symptoms, with the appearance of burns, for example.

Aerophagia treatment

Abdominal massages can relieve the symptoms of this disorder, as well as infusions with medicinal plants. Some medications can also minimize discomfort, however, those who regularly suffer from the problem must have their origins analyzed, assessing the quality of their food and treating anxiety and stress problems.

The most recommended for those suffering from aerophagia is to adopt a correct diet, chew slowly and avoid foods that favor the appearance of these symptoms, such as fizzy drinks, sweets, chewing gums, etc. If aerophagia is derived from stress, it is essential to control anxiety by adopting appropriate therapy or by practicing physical and relaxation activities. Once isolated and treated the cause of the problem, the symptoms should disappear spontaneously.

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