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AEON MOTOR today announced two new smart electric vehicles: Ai-1 Comfort / Comfort +. As a new electric vehicle model of the Ai-1 product line, Ai-1 Comfort / Comfort + focuses on more friendly vehicle settings, not only maintaining the original The next-generation CROXERA meters, LED headlights, CBS and other excellent equipment also reduce the seat height. They adopt a lightweight 12-inch wheel frame and a trendy body contour. The two cars are priced at 79,800 for Comfort and 84,800 for Comfort +. Let’s take a look at the new electric vehicles of these two PBGNs together!

AEON MOTOR today introduced the Ai-1 Comfort and Ai-1 Comfort +.

Ai-1 Comfort / Comfort + announcement highlights

  • New 12-inch lightweight wheel frame, 300g closer than Ai-1 Sport
  • Light weight of up to 2 kg
  • High-brightness, low-power reflective LED headlights
  • Car LED light design
  • Double cup rack space
  • Unique honeycomb tail light cover
  • More people-friendly seat height, trendy retro cushions
  • Maximum power[email protected], 000rpm
  • Next-generation CROXERA meter, new high-brightness psychedelic meter
  • 220mm disc with CBS brake system
  • Pre-orders open on January 17, Ai-1 Comfort / Comfort + sells for 79,800 / 84,800 yuan (excluding brand insurance)

Comparison of specifications of AEON MOTOR.

Ai-1 Sport-based upgrade

The Ai-1 Comfort is an upgrade based on the Ai-1 Sport. In terms of appearance, the original small goggles have been eliminated, and the body has been reduced in weight. Chief Executive Officer Lin Dongmin said: “Many car enthusiasts say that car manufacturers will launch new cars after changing shells and stickers. This time we will not change shells or stickers, but we will launch better cars for consumers.” Comfort uses the Ai-1 Sport’s entire car LED lamps, headlights, taillights and exterior appearance. The original design has been maintained. The small goggles have been cancelled only in the general version of Comfort. There are many upgrades.

Ai-1 Comfort focuses on the “lightweight and simplified” pro-people route. It is upgraded and improved based on the Ai-1 Sport.

AEON MOTOR is confident about the launch of Comfort and Comfort +.

The Ai-1 Comfort uses the entire car’s LED luminaire configuration, and the headlights use reflective LED headlights.

The taillight design is the same as that of the Ai-1 Sport, with a high degree of recognition.

More friendly vehicle settings

Compared to the Ai-1 Sport, the Ai-1 Comfort has a more car-friendly vehicle positioning. In addition to using a 12-inch wheel frame to reduce the seat height, it also has a smoother 8.7ps power. At the same time, the brake system of Ai-1 Comfort also changed to 220mm front discs, and maintained the CBS configuration, to more fully protect the safety of the rider.

Unlike the AI-1 Sport, a 12-inch wheel frame is used this time.

Maximum power used[email protected]A 10,000 rpm motor with smooth 8.7ps horsepower.

Ai-1 Comfort has put a lot of effort into the seat cushion. In addition to improving the comfort, the overall seat height is also more friendly to the people.

Ai-1 Comfort has put a lot of effort into the seat cushion. In addition to improving the comfort, the overall seat height is also more friendly to the people.

With a lightweight 12-inch wheel frame, the overall vehicle weight is reduced to two kilograms.

On the practical level, in accordance with the usage habits of Taiwanese people, Ai-1 Comfort uses a double cup holder design in the front part space. The front foot space is quite sufficient, and the compartment part also maintains the original compartment space. The improvement is also more in line with AEON MOTOR’s plan to let Comfort enter the national car market.

For convenience, the front object space of the double cup holder is provided.

The rear storage space maintains the original depth.

Next-generation smart meter CROXERA 5

The next-generation CROXERA 5 smart meter, in addition to the previous generations of navigation, parking, car location, speed camera, speed limit prompt and missed call notification, etc., the new generation of CROXERA updates to increase the residual electricity detection Function, the intelligent assistant AI ASSISTANT can actively detect the remaining power, remind the owner to go to the power station when the power is low, and create the first GO function of the power station, which leads the owner to the power station easily. The biggest difference between the two versions of Comfort and Comfort + is the difference in instrument configuration, each of which is equipped with high-brightness magic color instrument and CROXERA 5 smart instrument.

Equipped with a new generation of CROXERA instruments, AEON MOTOR also said that it will launch a new generation of 2.1 CROXERA.

The Ai-1 Comfort, which is closer to the people, is more distinguishable and high-brightness magic color instruments.

Five car colors

This time Ai-1 Comfort / Comfort + launched a total of five car colors, Ai-1 Comfort launched pearl white, mint green, Comfort + launched three shiny car colors, rose gold, starry blue.

Comfort pearl white and Comfort + shiny silver car color.

Comfort mint green.

Comfort + ‘s shiny silver.

Comfort + starry blue.

Comfort + rose gold.

A total of five car colors were launched this time.

Price / Offer

AEON MOTOR Ai-1 Comfort / Comfort + is priced at 79,800 / 84,800 yuan (excluding brand insurance). All pre-ordered Ai-1 Comfort models from 1/17 to 2/15 will be rewarded with brand-style hard hats and wireless key protectors. Pre-order Ai-1 Comfort + to get the brand-style hard hat and wireless key protection sleeve, and give the brand Bluetooth headset even more. Various limited-time pre-order gifts are waiting for riders! All AEON smart tram owners can participate in the full range of smart tram “love recommended tide” activities and have the opportunity to get limited original brand activities.

Every time you pre-order Ai-1 Comfort / Comfort + from 1/17 to 2/15, you will receive a brand-style helmet.

A wireless key protector is also provided for the car purchased during the pre-order period.

AEON smart tram owners can participate in the full range of smart tram “love recommended tide” activities, and have the opportunity to get limited original brand activities.

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