[Aeon Hong Jia Teng]Three-fold gift for the Year of the Ox

New Year of the Ox

Buy any model of the whole car series, you will get three premium brand gifts

From now until February 28, 2021, anyone who purchases any model of the entire car series can get a total value of 3,098 yuan of brand value three gifts

A set of “brand style helmet”, “simple cushion storage bag” and “personal key holster”! Let you get a new car in the New Year, and good luck will be sent all the way!
(The number of gifts is limited, while supplies last)

Activity notes

1. Consumers (hereinafter referred to as “participants”) who want to participate in the “New Year of the Ox” (hereinafter referred to as “this project”) will be deemed to agree to accept Hongjiateng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. The drafted specifications of this notice; if you do not agree with all or part of this notice, please do not participate in this project.
2. From now on, participants (unincorporated or related groups) who purchase the following Hongjiateng smart trams at Aeonmotor stores or authorized distribution stores and complete the delivery procedures will receive a “brand style helmet, simple cushion storage bag and “Personal key holster” Group B (hereinafter collectively referred to as “gift”): This project is applicable to any car model of the whole car series.
3. This project cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts, promotions or activities. Aeonmotor has the right to decide whether this activity can be used in conjunction with other activities of Aeonmotor.
4. Aeonmotor stores are mainly based on the announcements from the Smart Store Service Center on Aeonmotor’s official website.
5. The actual delivery time of the gifts is based on the store notice; if the participant has cancelled the order when the gifts are delivered, delayed delivery of the vehicle not in accordance with the delivery time agreed by Aeonmotor, or has other similar circumstances, Aeonmotor has the right to cancel its qualification. . Except for providing no compensation, no replacement quota will be given.
6. The style, size, color, etc. of the gifts that participants will receive when participating in this project are subject to the actual product, and participants are not allowed to choose. The number of gifts is limited, while supplies last.
7. Participants are not allowed to ask Aeonmotor to discount the discounted content, replace it with other items, reduce or exempt the value-added service fees in other months or any other fees, or transfer the discounted content to others.
8. Aeonmotor may change the discount content, and participants agree to unconditionally accept the equivalent gifts and/or other free items/amounts replaced by Aeonmotor.
9. Aeonmotor reserves the right to add, delete, adjust, suspend or cancel the content and details of this activity and the method of this activity at any time without notice; Aeonmotor has the final right to interpret this activity and the method of this activity.

Data source “Aeon Hongjiateng Locomotive”

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