Highly recommend Vietnamese people in Myanmar to take security and safety photos 1Military vehicles parked at Yangon City Hall, Myanmar, on February 1, 2021. (Photo: THX / TTXVN)

Regarding recent developments in Myanmar, Foreign Office has directed the Vietnam Embassy in Myanmar to closely monitor the situation, keep close contact with the local authorities, regularly update information and be ready to take measures. citizen protection when needed.

Vietnam Embassy in Myanmar has actively contacted the local Vietnamese community clues, inquired about the situation of relatives, reminded citizens and enterprises to ensure normal operation; Vietnamese citizen limit leaving areas and living areas, avoid places where crowded people gather, pay attention to security and safety, and ensure daily living in the upcoming Lunar New Year.

[Việt Nam quan tâm theo dõi và mong muốn Myanmar sớm ổn định tình hình]

In case you need help or have information about a Vietnamese in distress, please contact the Vietnam Embassy Citizen Protection hotline at (+95) 96.6088.8998; or by email address: baohocongdan123@gmail.com or Public Protection Call Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: (+84) 981.848.484./.

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