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Advice: What to play, what to watch, what to shop for Tet technology?

Tet – The culture is associated with Vietnamese and some countries in Asia. Over the long period of social development, Tet has also gradually changed, Tet of 2020 is the Tet of a fusion of technology and tradition.

In this article, Sforum will be given suggestions for shopping for technology goods on Tet holiday, small technology tips that users can prepare to have a happy, more complete Tet.

Prepared New Year greetings to everyone

Right after New Year’s Eve, surely you will send to your friends and relatives meaningful wishes. However, if you have to send greetings to too many people sometimes you will be “missing” the list or unable to send at the critical time.

But with the help of “technology,” existing users can already prepare meaningful wishes, schedule a timer, choose the right person to send, at the right time all wishes will be sent to your friend. wanted, accurate and very convenient.

To do this, smartphone users (Android) can download the “Do it later” application, which is completely free on CH Play, which allows users to compose messages and set up messages. Set time to send to one or more people. At the right time simultaneously the message will be sent.

Sforum.vn has done a trick article detailing how to use “Do it later” readers can see more here.

What technology buy Tet holiday?

The time before and after Tet is when many stores launch a series of promotions as a way to stimulate consumer demand.

At this time, it is very close to Tet, if you have not yet been able to shop yourself for technology items to “play” Tet, you can visit CellphoneS and choose for yourself a discounted technology item, the store CellphoneS stores are running until the end of 29 Tet so don’t worry.

Sforum offers some tech products suggestions that you can choose from as follows:

Backup battery Samsung 10,000mAh Cheap fast charging, that’s the Samsung EB-P1100 backup battery, has a large battery capacity, comes with a beautiful design, supports Quick Charge 2.0 fast charging technology, this is a suitable backup battery model reason for users to choose. Especially during the New Year days, often have to move, do not have time to charge the phone.

Sforum - Latest technology information page 2-15 Advice: What to play, what to watch, what to shop for Tet technology?

Currently, the pink version of EB-P1100 is extremely cheap at CellphoneS only 290,000 VND details of the product price, order readers have access to the purchase button below.


Defunc True Go is the cheapest true wirless headset: Has a price of only 790,000 VND but possesses good sound quality, long battery life of up to 14 hours. Even the headset supports IPX4 water resistance, a feature that some higher-end headphones still don’t have.

Sforum - Latest technology information page on hand-defunc-true-go-2 Advice: What to play, what to watch, what to shop for Tet technology?

In particular, the bud heel design helps keep wearing headphones for a long time without discomfort, which is a big plus of Defunc True Go. True wireless headphones are really convenient, if you are in need of owning a pair of cheap headphones for spring travel, you can visit the CellphoneS store owning a Defunc “em”.


Mid-range phone with the best camera: Galaxy A51. If you still do not have a new phone to take pictures of Tet, contact, send greetings to relatives, friends and partners, Galaxy A51 is a quite reasonable choice for you.

Currently, CellphoneS is selling the Galaxy A51 for only 6.8 million, which is considered the most attractive price at the moment.

Sforum - Latest technology information page Galaxy-A51-blue-cover-review-1 Advice: What to play, what to watch, what to shop for Tet technology?

Galaxy A51 impresses all users when it comes to a versatile 4-camera system, including wide-angle lens, super wide-angle camera, background erasing camera and especially macro camera for extreme close-up shooting.

In addition, Galaxy A51 also owns a good hardware system with a RAM capacity of up to 6GB, comes with 128GB internal memory to support an external memory card slot to ensure storage.

Sforum - Latest technology information page Galaxy-A51-green-21 Advice: What to play, what to watch, what to shop for Tet technology?

8-core processor manufactured by Samsung, along with Android 10 platform promises users will have a great user experience.

It owns 4,000mAh battery and 15W fast charging, very convenient for work and life.

To better understand Galaxy A51, readers can watch more at the video sharing experience of Galaxy A51 between MC Thu Ha and VJ Duy Anh (Schannel) to have more objective views about this product. Sforum - Latest technology information page Galaxy-A51-2 Advice: What to play, what to watch, what to shop for Tet technology?

Tet see what?

As usual, on the night of 30 Tet, everyone will be watching the annual program of the year-end Meetings of Vietnam Television. This year, the program will have a lot of changes when it is no longer familiar with “Apple Army”, but instead is a new program that until now has not been revealed too much.

To facilitate the watching of the television program you can watch live on the official sites such as:

Both websites have mobile apps, which you can easily download on both iOS and Android for easy tracking.

Besides, online movie platforms are also a very attractive option, for example, Netflix has just introduced season 2 of the movie “Sex Education”, hit series and extremely popular of Netflix .

Sforum - Latest technology information page netflix-1-1-1 Advice: What to play, what to watch, what to shop for the Tet holiday?

Season 2 has a total of 8 episodes, each episode is about 50 minutes long so you can choose to “plow” through Tet if you do not plan to go far. Or enlist watching on free evenings.

Besides, Netflix also has many other great movies, going in many genres suitable for many ages.

However, Netflix’s monthly fee is quite high. Another “cheaper” option is FPTPlay, the HBO movie store available on FPTPlay is also very diverse and plentiful, but above all, the maintenance fee is much cheaper than Netflix.

The third “free” and most accessible option is Youtube, many Vietnamese artists have made video series for Tet, streamers who are always ready to “film” in their free time are also good videos. You can track. But content certainly won’t be as appealing as online movie applications.


Above are the suggestions “play, watch and shop” for the occasion of this New Year, just a few days to Eve. However, CellphoneS is still active until the end of Tet, if you have any technological items that have not yet been prepared, hurry and visit the CellphoneS stores to own.

I wish all of you, readers of Sforum have a happy new year Canh Ty, a lot of health with family and relatives.

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