Advice on buying car sun visor: Car sun visor good kind?

Advice on buying car sun visor: Car sun visor good kind?

Currently there are many types of car sunshades from cheap to high-end. This makes many people wonder whether to buy a car sunshade good kind?

Currently, there are many solutions to prevent car heat, such as using sun visors, undercarriage covers, heat-resistant tarpaulin, 5D car ceiling … In addition, making car sound insulation is also a “convenient way for both.” road ”when it is both soundproof and heat insulated at the same time.

Each sun protection method has its own effect. If the chassis is covered, covered with ceilings, soundproofed for cars, helps to enhance the insulation of the body of the car, the use of sun visors will help insulate the car window system. In car parts, the car glass system is considered to be the place where the highest amount of heat is absorbed. This not only causes the temperature in the car to rise, but also causes many parts of the interior of the car such as taplo, car seats … to age and deteriorate quickly due to sunlight.

Therefore, it is really necessary to equip car sun visors. The sun visors will help the glass limit the absorption of heat and radiation from the sun. From there help:

  • Prevent the temperature in the car from rising
  • Health protection of plastic materials in the cabin that produce Benzene …
  • Save fuel (air-conditioning does not require high power operation)
  • Parking in the hot sun does not worry about hot cars, unpleasant odors …
  • Protect the beauty of the car interior

Car sun visors have two main types: car sun visor (front glass) and car window sunshades. In this article, we will mention the experience of buying sun visors for both.


Should you buy car sun visor?

I thought that every car user knows about the harmful effects of parking a car in the heat, but in fact, most people only care about the feeling of the heat, but few people know that the consequences of the heat are not just stop there. Did you know that when the car is parked in the sun 37 degrees Celsius, after only 1 hour, the temperature in the car can reach from 50 to more than 80 degrees C. Meanwhile, just the temperature of 70 degrees C, is I was able to dry my hair, heat up the rice, even fry the eggs …

According to a study from the US, when cars park in the hot sun for 60 minutes, the seat temperature will rise to 51 degrees Celsius, the dashboard increases “more” with a temperature of 69 degrees Celsius. This can damage the skin, even burn the skin, causing the body to suffer heat shock. In addition, this heat level is also capable of melting plastic, modified chemicals, more seriously exploding fire extinguishers on vehicles.

Parking cars in the hot sun has many hidden dangers
Parking cars in the hot sun has many hidden dangers

As can be seen, parking in the scorching hot sun does not simply make users feel uncomfortable, secretive, hot, stuffy … when they stepped on the car. But behind that, high heat levels can directly affect people’s health. At the same time, high temperatures also cause the processes of gradual deformation of plastic parts, synthetic leather inside the interior of the car, making the details quickly degraded, reducing the aesthetics and value. of the car.

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Facing countless harmful effects caused by heat, many solutions for hot sun protection for cars were born one after the other. Highlights are the product range of tarpaulins, covers, sun visors, car sunshades … These products are mostly manufactured from reflective, insulating and special heat-resistant materials, so they should be evaluated to bring about brand effectiveness. more fruit than.

Car sun visor
Car sun visor

Among the above-mentioned heat-resistant products, car heat-resistant tarpaulins are considered to have the most comprehensive heat protection and protection. Because canvas helps cover up to 90% of cars, from the roof of the car extends to more than 2/3 of the wheel. However, heat-resistant tarpaulin has a disadvantage is quite bulky, takes a long time to cover or collect, fold. Should tarpaulin is only suitable to use when parking outdoors for a long time.

Meanwhile, the car sun visor, although it is difficult to fully protect against hot sun such as tarpaulin, has the advantages of owning a compact design, quick use, suitable for parking in a short time. Car sun visors also use reflective materials, insulation, but the design only covers the driving glass. Perhaps, this is why sunshades are so popular. This is considered to be the most effective and convenient way to combat cars.

Despite the compact advantages, many people question, using only a sunscreen on the driving glass of the car, will it be effective against heat and reduce heat effectively?

Shield the car’s most absorbing part

The reason for the sudden increase in car cabin temperature when parked in the sun is due to the heat and radiation absorbers. In particular, the largest heat absorbing device is the steering glass (also known as the windshield).

Car driving glass is made of glass, which is the material capable of absorbing very large heat, higher than metal. That is also the reason why people choose glass as the material to produce heat collectors for solar water heaters. Therefore, compared to the roof of the car, the steering glass is still the place to absorb the most heat.

The steering glass is where the largest amount of heat and radiation is absorbed
The steering glass is where the largest amount of heat and radiation is absorbed

Not only that, the driving glass has a smooth, flat surface. Flat surfaces will absorb more heat and radiation. But importantly, the driving glass is the largest glass plate in the car glass system. In particular, if other glasses such as car window glass have very little tilt, the driving glass has a very large tilt design to support aerodynamics. The flat surface and the greater the tilt, the more the glass absorbs the heat.

From the above factors, it can be seen that the driving glass is the main reason for the sudden increase in the temperature of the car cabin, especially the temperature of the dashboard part due to its proximity to the driving glass. Car sun visors are designed to cover the entire surface of the steering glass – the most important part, so it will be able to reflect, prevent, reduce and eliminate most of the heat and radiation. In other words, the protective glass cover prevents the process of absorbing heat and radiation of the glass.

Made from hot and heat-resistant sunscreen

On the market, although each car sunshade product has a slightly different structure and material. However, most still have one thing in common is the use of insulation. For example, VATONA automobile sun visors, this sunshade is composed of 3 layers:

  • The first layer (the outermost layer) is carbon fiber coated with silver surface: This layer takes on the role of creating the first curtain that helps to reflect sunlight, preventing the process of absorbing heat and radiation.
  • The second layer (middle layer) is a special cotton pad: This layer has the effect of insulating, dissipating, dissipating heat and eliminating radiation.
  • The third layer (the innermost layer) is polyester fabric: This layer helps protect the driving glass surface, preventing scratches despite high friction.
VATONA sun visors are made of custom heat-resistant materials
VATONA sun visors are made of custom heat-resistant materials

VATONA car sunshades use anti-heat technology from Japan with a 3-layer structure that helps form many layers of protection, giving high effective sun protection. Helps reduce heat and radiation, thereby maintaining the cabin temperature as low as possible, contributing to protecting interior details, while providing a comfortable and pleasant feeling for users. when getting into the car.

Thus, with the design of the protective glass cover – the largest heat-absorbing unit, again manufactured from heat-resistant materials – specially insulated, it is possible to conclude that a real car sunscreen for sun protection hot effective. According to many studies from Australia, using quality sun visors will help eliminate 70% of heat and radiation transmitted to the interior of the car, preventing the heat from rising.

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What kind of car driving sun visor is the best?

Absolutely say no to cheap goods

Buy cheap goods everyone likes. But buying goods at low prices but with poor quality, without efficiency, only wastes money. Car sun visors are available in many different prices. As you can see from the analysis and verification above, it is clear that the sun visor is cheap because it is made of poor material, it does not apply standard production technology, mainly produces in small workshops, indeed not high. Not only that, poor material also affects the durability of sun visors, evidenced by cheap sun visors that are prone to tearing, rotting, etc. only after a period of use.

Sunshades cheap material thin, not high efficiency, easy to tear
Sunshades cheap material thin, not high efficiency, easy to tear

Not to mention not only poor quality, those units or individuals that sell these low-cost sunshades also have very poor sales service. No different from “cheating”, when they introduce photos, providing product information looks very good quality, but the actual product received is completely opposite.

They do not provide warranty or just say a few promises through the warranty. When the buyer “broke up” contacted to decide “to make a deal”, the seller “special” or said “this is a type 2 goods so cheap, he wants good goods like the picture, he must buy type 1” more expensive ”.

Poor quality, ineffective efficiency, short service life, no warranty … if you buy a cheap sunshade like that, you can spend a small amount of money to own a shield. The sunshine on cars is good, quality, effective, durable, long lasting.

Ask information carefully, carefully review the product

Not only are low-quality products of low quality, but in fact I see that some places still sell poor quality sunshades but “scream in the sky” on par with the good ones. So, in a “really confusing” market, even if you buy a small accessory, you need to be alert, consider carefully factors such as product information, especially the return and exchange policy – warranty (when buying online) …

Look carefully at the product before you buy
Look carefully at the product before you buy

Most of the good sunscreens such as car sun visors VATONA apply the warranty policy from 1 to 2 years. In addition, the buyer can return or exchange within the first 3 to 7 days if not satisfied with the product. These policies are intended to protect the rights of buyers, as well as testify to the credibility and reliability of the sellers. Therefore, absolutely do not buy the product without a specific warranty policy.

Whether buying a car sun visor directly from an accessory store or buying online, you also need to consider the product carefully. The first is the material, if the sunscreen surface is carbon fiber, you will see the fabric texture of fiber-like fabric linked together, touching with very roughness and bearing capacity. Next check the back, to avoid the surface of the steering glass being scratched during coating, folding or using sun visors, the back should be a soft layer of cloth and cushion.

Besides reviewing the material, you also need to carefully check the seam at the edges, whether it is beautiful, in line and sure. Pay attention in corners because there is a high chance of errors.

In particular, some car sun visors do not have an extra 2 ears design to fix to the door edge. You should avoid buying this type because during use, the sun visor will easily be stolen, the wind blows because it is not fixed firmly.

Choose a sun visor with two additional ears fixed in the door edge
Choose a sun visor with two additional ears fixed in the door edge

Choose a reputable shopping address

The most ideal way to buy a good car sunshade is to prioritize buying at reputable sales addresses, official and branded distribution addresses. A reliable reputable address for those who are looking to buy a car sunshade can refer to VATONA. Products VATONA automobile sun visors use imported materials, modern production technology, high levels of finish, effective heat protection.

However, VATONA only specializes in manufacturing and wholesale distribution of car sun visors. But the good news for readers is that thanks to the support contact from, VATONA currently launches an extremely attractive wholesale retail car sunblock program just for you. Read

VATONA AUTOMOBILE SHEET PLATE retail at wholesale prices only: 199,000 – get 1 more 360-degree blind-spot mirror & 1 parking bag cafe.

Limited. If you need to buy a VATONA car sunshade, please contact:

Accessories for automobile roof panel VATONA

Hotline: 0906 882 977
Address: 38, Street 4, KP5, P. Hiệp Bình Chánh, Thủ Đức District, TP. Ho Chi Minh

Products VATONA sun visors can be used for all cars from small cars such as Kia Morning, Hyundai i10, Toyota Wigo … to B and C vehicles such as Hyundai Accent, Kia Cerato, Mazda 3 … and cars 7 seats like Toyota Innova, Honda CRV, Toyota Fortuner …

Besides VATONA, we also found some addresses specializing in quality sunshades, good prices such as:

Auto accessories wholesale wholesale – retail ZADATO

Hotline: 1900 636 589
Address: 832 Phạm Văn Đồng, P. Hiệp Bình Chánh, Thủ Đức District, TP. Ho Chi Minh

BAO NGOC AUTOMOBILE sun visor sewing workshop

Hotline: 0944 636 889
Address: 27 Đường Số 3, P. Hiệp Bình Phước, Thủ Đức District, TP. Ho Chi Minh

TRI THUC automotive sun visor shop

Hotline: 0902 979 855
Address: No. 11, D6 Street, Dong An KDC, Tan Dong Hiep Ward, Di An, Binh Duong

KOTADA car accessories

Hotline: 0976 090 011
Address: 21 / 32B Tự Lập, Phường 4, Tân Bình District, TP. Ho Chi Minh

Parking in the hot sun is both harmful to the interior details of the car and affects the health and experience of the vehicle user. Equipped with a compact sun visor, you can cover the protective surface of the steering glass, prevent radiation, reduce heat, and prevent sudden increase in cabin temperature. This is definitely one of the most convenient and effective hot sun protection solutions that any car user needs.


The weather conditions in Vietnam today, a country with a subtropical climate, has a relatively high amount of light and heat absorbed each year, a large number of hours of sunshine. Cars traveling on the road can be damaged by heat or sunlight. To protect the driver, passengers as well as interior details, the equipment of sunshades is indispensable.

A sun visor helps prevent hot sun from affecting motorists as well as interior details
A sun visor helps prevent hot sun from affecting motorists as well as interior details

Car sun visor works exactly as the name implies. In addition, the sun visors also help protect the people sitting in the car from direct sunlight from the sun, shielding and blocking harmful rays from affecting your skin. If your vehicle is equipped with good sun visors, it can reduce the amount of heat generated by the vehicle by about 50% and reduce the large percentage of sunlight.

Experience of buying car sun visor

When using the sun visor, surely consumers are expected to buy high quality products at reasonable prices. High quality products will ensure good sun protection, making this investment a good investment. To choose to buy quality products, it is important to keep in mind the following points when choosing car sunshades.

Choose according to user needs

For car sunshade products, when you decide to buy should give a few criteria on the suitability for use. Typically, car sun visors are divided into two types: fixed and removable sun visors. Depending on your needs, you can choose between these two.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between two types of fixed blinds and removable sun visors
Depending on your needs, you can choose between two types of fixed blinds and removable sun visors

Usually people prefer a removable sun visor because of its versatility. With this type, you can both completely disassemble, and at the same time, you can move freely between the glasses. According to experts, for adult passengers should choose this type of sunscreen. Although the flexibility is not high, the fixed sun visor has a certain advantage, not being shaken or dropped when the car is on a bumpy road. If your family has elderly or children under 6 years of age, a fixed sun visor should be preferred.

UV resistant

When exposed to the sun, harmful rays may come in contact and cause bad effects on your skin. Although sitting in a car and protected through a glass, the impact of sunlight still causes immeasurable harm. When consulting and buying car sunshades, you should choose sunshades with UV protection.

Choose car sunshades that are UV resistant
Choose car sunshades that are UV resistant

A thicker shade may be chosen, partially blocking the effects of ultraviolet rays. Typically, quality assurance covers will meet this need. On the packaging of the product will probably mention this harmful UV protection. These types of reflective covers can help you somewhat against UV rays. Because the bright silver design helps to reflect and does not absorb UV rays.

Prefer good material

Car sun visors can be made from many different types. Detachable small covers, with vacuum pads, are mainly made from curtain fabric, or waterproof synthetic polime. Some other sunshades are made from PVC. Sunscreen material greatly affects the use time and effect of sun protection. Good material, ensure high durability, good shielding effect. Poor quality products are often only sunscreen, less resistant to heat. So when using, people sitting near the window still feel the uncomfortable heat.

Prefer high quality car sun visor
Prefer high quality car sun visor

Pay attention to select compatible styles and sizes

Currently, many sunshades are designed in different sizes and shapes to suit modern car styling. For example, with a car of about 7 seats, the design of glass windows is different from the design for a 4-seater car (in length and width). Depending on the sun visor for which car model, in which position, you can choose to buy the sun visors of the corresponding size.

Many people often choose a sun visor that is too big or too small, causing inconvenience and difficulty to use, and does not achieve the desired sun protection effect. Therefore, before buying a sun visor, you should consider the size of your car window. If possible, try applying a sun visor to your car window before making a purchase.

Attention to choose the style and size of sun visors compatible with the vehicle
Attention to choose the style and size of sun visors compatible with the vehicle

Refer to the price

Price is also a part of deciding which product you should buy. Many counterfeit products often cost less. If the quality of the product is not good, easy to damage, frayed or quickly heat deformed or melted (for the cover made from synthetic Polime), it is certainly fake. You should be careful with the “surprisingly cheap” price.

You should refer to the price of the product. You can view on many websites selling auto accessories. In general, the price of the visor ranges from tens of thousands to several hundred thousand. Referring to good prices and good products to buy does not mean that you choose the cheapest place but should choose the right place for both price and quality.

Choose a reputable and reliable sales address

There are many places that sell car sunshades. However, to be sure to buy genuine, quality products, you should prioritize selected reputable showrooms, shops, agents. Limit purchases floating, unknown goods outside. When buying products for a car, the buyer always appreciates the quality of that product. For products such as car sunshades, the investment and use are durable, creating comfort for users is what many people want.

Choose a reliable address to buy sunshades
Choose a reliable address to buy sunshades

In order not to happen the situation of losing money and buying poor quality goods, you should consult on some websites or refer to the condition of choosing sun visors from relatives or friends for an objective assessment of the types of sheets. sunshade.

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