Advertising Samsung "deceives" users about water resistance on smartphones

Advertising Samsung "deceives" users about water resistance on smartphones

A Samsung ad on Instagram refers to the use of the Note 8 on the sea

In 2016, Samsung launched Galaxy S7, its first IP68 waterproof smartphone. Since then, every flagship Samsung has brought this standard. However, the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) said Samsung advertised wrongly and forced the company to go to court.

According to ACCC, Samsung ads imply embedded Galaxy phones under 1.5 meters in 30 minutes or less without affecting the operation during the device lifecycle. Samsung also advertises phones used on beaches and swimming pools while IP68 certification only applies to clean water.

The ACCC surveyed more than 300 Samsung ads to draw the above conclusion.

Technically, IP68 certified phones are only water-resistant, ie, not 100% waterproof (waterproof). ACCC only refers to Galaxy phones from 2016 onwards.

The ACCC confirmed that Samsung declined the customer's warranty request when their phones were damaged by contact with water. In addition, Samsung's own website specifies Galaxy S10 "not recommended on the beach or pool".

ACCC president Rod Sims said that Samsung advertised Galaxy phones for inaccurate circumstances to attract users.

For its part, Samsung said it is planning to defend in court. The Korean electronics firm said it had repaired for customers free of charge under the company's warranty and in compliance with the Australian Consumer Act.


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