Advantages and disadvantages of the 2016 Mercedes C200

Advantages and disadvantages of the 2016 Mercedes C200

According to the old 2016 Mercedes C200 assessment, the car’s price is on par with the new Toyota Camry, this makes many people hesitant to buy the old Mercedes C200?

Introduction of Mercedes-Benz C200 2016

Market luxury old car Currently, it is very diverse and rich because the appearance of many models makes users wonder if they should buy an old luxury car with reasonable price and good quality. In this article, we send you a suggestion for this old luxury car, which is the Mercedes-Benz C200 2016.

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Mercedes C200 2016 brings a feeling of a luxury and strong car

First appearing in Vietnam in 2015, the generation of Mercedes-Benz C-Class cars has quickly won the trust of consumers. Especially Mercedes C200 2016 gives users the feeling of a refined, elegant, luxurious car with classic mixed modern direction. So Should I buy the old 2016 Mercedes C200? Let’s review the old 2016 Mercedes C200 to see the class of a luxury car from Germany.

Exterior Mercedes-Benz C200 2016

Mercedes C200 2016 length x width x height is 4,686 mm x 1,810 mm x 1,442 mm, wheelbase 2,840 mm. Basically, the design of the Mercedes Benz C200 C Class 2016 has the same looks and characteristics as the Mercedes S-Class. However, Mercedes C200 2016 has been improved and improved for the appearance to give users a luxury car with a sporty style.

Therefore, the car is very suitable for users who are young to middle-aged businessmen who love the Mercedes brand with luxury, elegance and engine for top performance. Comparing Mercedes C200 and Toyota Camry, luxury car is still “marginally” much more in design.

Car head

With many features of luxury sports cars, Mercedes C200 2016 has an extremely bold and powerful design. The head of the car stands out with the logo of the eye-catching 3-pointed star-shaped company located in the center, creating a sense of balance. The two bottom air intakes also have an impressive design. At the bottom is a chrome-plated bar covering the front of the car to create accents.

In addition, the front of the car is equipped with modern lighting technology, LED Intelligent Light. This set of lights is designed into two separate, very stylized strips, the top is the turn indicator, the main light is right below with a unique and multifunctional design. LED Intelligent Light is a smart light that changes the direction of the light when the vehicle turns cornering.

Moreover, the light also has a function to automatically change the brightness accordingly when the car needs to move in poor light conditions such as fog … Intelligent Light LED technology is a breakthrough, bringing high light performance. almost daytime, especially for the durability is very high.

The appearance of the Mercedes C200 2016 has been improved and improved to show the sporty style

Vehicle body

Different from the bold and powerful design at the front, the body of the Mercedes C200 2016 car has an elegant design that makes the car elegant. The most obvious are the two embossed lines along the bodywork and the connector of the lights that gives a very smooth feel. The 5-spoke rim is characteristic of a sporty style. The old C200 door handle 2016 is very eye-catching and modern when equipped with a fingerprint door opener. Comparing the Mercedes C Class with the Audi A4, the Mercedes C Class is more classical while the Audi A4 is more youthful and modern.


The tail of Mercedes-Benz C200 2016 is designed with neat lines, all details are arranged reasonably and harmoniously, but also does not lose the luxury of a luxury car. With a very stylized exhaust layout along with twin exhaust clusters, it gives a feeling of a strong and strong car.

Interior Mercedes-Benz C200 2016

Interior space

Space interior Mercedes C200 2016 is a characteristic black color that shows mystery and elegance. Mercedes C200 2016 demonstrates the level of premium leather in many positions in the driving space and passenger space. Moreover, to adorn this premium leather material Mercedes has designed very delicate and eye-catching thread lines.

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To evaluate the old 2016 Mercedes C200 most accurately the premium look of the car, we cannot ignore the center console. In order to highlight the center console Mercedes designers have chosen a matte matte wood with a grainy pattern that expresses sophistication and elegance.

The centerpiece of the dashboard is a meticulously designed Analog watch with a 5cm-diameter metal bezel and fine details to exude luxury. Right on the center console is the air inlet with a very unique design with three silver floating rings made from aluminum alloy, looking very healthy and true to the sporty design of the car.

Mercedes C200 2016 has a 3-spoke steering wheel wrapped in high-quality leather and designed as a standard sports car with a horizontal cut below. The center of the steering wheel is the company’s 3-pointed star symbol covered by metal, alternating between leather panels are control buttons, creating a very perfect combination of form. Behind the steering wheel is a sporty gearshift system with 2 very neat levers with aluminum metal top. In addition, the steering wheel is equipped with a gear shift lever and a bar used to control Cruise Control.

Interior space Mercedes C200 2016 is a characteristic black color that expresses the mystery and extremely luxurious

The front seat of the old Mercedes C200 2016 car is equipped with an electric function of 14 directions, providing a very comfortable driving feeling for the user. In addition, the seat also has a tight grip that brings comfort to the operator. With high-quality leather material that is finely processed and highly elastic and flexible, the chair also gives the user the most comfort.

The rear seats are not important to create class value, this can be considered 2016 Mercedes C200 disadvantages. The chair is designed to be practical and does not have many accents. But in return, the rear seats also have a tight grip and relatively large legroom for the occupants to feel comfortable. The ceiling is also relatively high, providing a feeling of comfort and airy. The car is fully equipped with wind doors on the armrests.

Equipped with comfort

With a lot of modern conveniences, the luxury Mercedes-Benz C200 2016 model shows that this is a car for businessmen who are individualistic and love sporty style as well as favoring the star car brand 3. wing. Among the comfortable equipment is the Burmester sound system, which is a famous brand for sound. This system consists of 13 high-end speakers combined with a DSP amplifier controller with up to 9 separate channels. All are connected to a modern and large-sized central screen to create a classy entertainment system and extremely impressive.

Engine Specifications Mercedes-Benz C200 2016


Specifications Mercedes C200 2016 as follows: The vehicle is equipped with an impressive engine system to bring great power with an in-line 4-cylinder cluster, the engine capacity is up to 1.99L for a maximum capacity of 184 hp at a speed of 5,500 rpm. minute. This motor is accompanied by a maximum torque of 300Nm, corresponding to a speed of 1,200-4,000 rpm. Mercedes C200 is equipped with an automatic transmission of up to 7 levels with rear wheel drive.


With the above powerful engine, the acceleration of the 2016 Mercedes C200 is considered very impressive when accelerating from 0 – 100km / h in just 7.3 seconds, and for the ability to reach speeds up to 235km. /H. Fuel consumption Mercedes C200 announced by Mercedes-Benz Vietnam for an average of 5.3 liters / 100km. This is a relatively economical fuel consumption when compared to other models in the same segment.

Mercedes C200 is equipped with an impressive engine system to bring immense power

Safety equipment Mercedes-Benz C200 2016

The car is fully equipped with modern safety features such as: ABS system helps to prevent locking of brakes, BAS system helps to assist braking in emergency, ASR system helps the car to prevent slippery and anti-slip when The vehicle accelerates, the ESP system helps balance the vehicle, the ESP Curve Dynamic Assist system helps to make the driving feel better when the car turns cornering, … With the above safety features, the 2016 Mercedes C200 gives users a complete feeling. Peace of mind when using.

Mercedes C200 is fully equipped with modern safety features

Should I buy a used Mercedes-Benz C200 2016?

Price for old Mercedes C200 2016 Sold on the used car market from VND 1.15 billion to VND 1.3 billion, depending on the version and condition of each vehicle. This old 2016 Mercedes C200 selling price is on par with the new Toyota Camry. This makes many people wonder whether to buy a Mercedes C200 or an old Toyota Camry. If you want a good car “plow” on Vietnamese roads, with affordable car costs, the Toyota Camry will be a more reasonable choice.

If you want to own a European luxury car that can afford the cost of “raising” the car in the future, buying the old Mercedes C200 2016 is a right choice.

Old Mercedes C200 2016 la sample luxury old car with the most classy sports style in the price range of 1 billion VND, worth buying.


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