Advantages and disadvantages of mini fridge with freezer

Mini fridge with ice compartment suitable for families with few people, modest living space. Or low income or just staying alone, this is an appropriate choice. If you are looking to buy this refrigerator please refer to the below information to decide.

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Advantages of mini fridge with freezer

Low cost is one of the first advantages of this refrigerator, most products are less than 3 million VND. But despite the low cost, the design of these refrigerators is also quite suitable for the majority of families with few people and small-sized accommodation. This cabinet does not take up too much space because its size is quite compact, simple but many applications.

The second is to help save electricity: it can be said that this type of cabinet consumes quite a bit of electrical energy because the capacity of the cabinet is smaller and more economical than those of large capacity cabinets. Especially, the refrigerator also operates quite smoothly and does not cause too much noise when operating.

The third advantage is that the cooling capacity is quite good: this mini fridge usually uses direct cooling technology. There is a multi-dimensional cold air system so when the air flow will spread evenly in the compartments, to help maintain proper cold, the food is also better preserved when using mini fridge with freezer.

The long life and durability of the refrigerator also attracts consumers, usually this type of cabinet has a high average life expectancy of up to 10 years and is warranted for over 2 years, so you can rest assured to use.

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Disadvantages of mini fridge freezer

Brands and models are not as diverse as one of the disadvantages of this refrigerator, because the cabinets are small in size and capacity. Should not often have a variety of designs such as large cabinets, common brands you can choose such as: Sanyo, Aqua, Midea, Electrolux.

Small and medium capacity is the advantage and disadvantage of this refrigerator as well, because the food compartment is quite small under 95 liters. It is difficult for users to preserve a lot of food and only one ice tray above. Cooling technology is also quite simple because to reduce costs, it is necessary to reduce some features.

There are not too many modern technological features such as antibacterial, deodorizing, … so when using you need to clean the refrigerator regularly.

Suggestions 5 mini refrigerators with ice compartments

Mini refrigerator Sanyo SR-5KR

Sanyo SR-5KR refrigerator has a simple and compact design with a capacity of only 50 liters, which saves space for modest spaces. The cabinet has a quick cooling mode, suitable for small families, or single people who do not need too much food storage space.

Mini fridge with Beko 90 liter RS9050P freezer

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Beko 90-liter fridge has a simple and comfortable design for your home space, the cabinet has a compact one-door design suitable for installation and use for small spaces. The 90 liter capacity will hold more food, if you feel that a 50 liter cabinet is not enough, you can use this type of cabinet.

Refrigerator AQUA 50 liters AQR-55AR

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The cabinet has beautiful colors, direct and quick cooling technology, convenient power saving to reduce costs for users. With a capacity of 50 liters it will be the perfect choice for those with narrow spaces, who are staying alone or in a bedroom or personal office.

Aqua refrigerator 90 liters AQR-95AR

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Aqua fridge 90 liters AQR-95AR is a freezer with a freezer compartment that is also very good in this segment. Compact cabinet allows you to move easily and place in the space you want, including small spaces.

Mini refrigerator has Midea HS ice compartment tu-ka-mini-co-ngan-da-7 "srcset =" -7.jpg 774w, 300w, https: / / 768w, wp-content / uploads / 2019/08 / tu-ka-mini-co-ngan-da-7-696x405.jpg 696w, /tu-lanh-mini-co-ngan-da-7-722x420.jpg 722w "sizes =" (max-width: 774px) 100vw, 774px

Mini Midea HS Refrigerator has an elegant and compact design so it is easy to move and install. Cabinets with a capacity of 93 liters are quite enough for the needs of two people and quite good for individuals.


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