Advantages and disadvantages of how to clean the car engine compartment

Advantages and disadvantages of how to clean the car engine compartment

There are many ways to clean the car compartment. But where is the most effective and safe way for details inside the engine compartment?

Many people often ask the question “should I clean the car compartment?” Due to anxiety about the risks of implementation. In fact, the engine compartment is quite sensitive to water, so cleaning the engine compartment of a car needs to be done carefully to avoid unnecessary damage. However, cleaning the engine compartment is still essential, in order to increase engine life and reduce problems. There are many ways to clean the car compartment. Each way has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Clean with mild water pressure

The most simple and least costly way to clean. You only need a absorbent towel to clean the inside of the engine compartment such as car engine, car battery, air intake … With this way, the advantage is that you can clean the engine compartment by yourself. cars without any risk of damage, simple manipulation techniques and easy book of light stains. However, you can not clean the stains on the deep inside the engine compartment, do not clean stubborn stains and limit the time to do, only possible when the car engine is still cold due to direct contact with the motor.

Cleaning is always the simplest wayCleaning is always the simplest way

Hygiene with high pressure steam

This is a new way to clean and remove stains quite effectively. The principle of this method will use high pressure steam to soften the dirty surface and peel off the stains. However, to achieve the highest efficiency, you should use a combination of cleaning solutions for car compartments and tools such as brushes and brushes.

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How to clean with high pressure steamHow to clean with high pressure steam

Using this hygienic way will help you be more efficient with the use of low pressure water, safer for new motor vehicles (still hot) and save waste water into the environment. However, this method of hygiene also has certain limitations such as high cost, high water temperature, which can lead to the risk of damage of some parts such as rubber gaskets, which can be burned by the cleaning person. Due to the high temperatures, environmental wastewater has many impurities that directly damage the sewer system.

Clean with carbon dioxide – CO2

Cleaning procedure of car engine compartment with CO2 The instruction is quite simple but highly appreciated for its environmental friendliness and high cleaning ability. Only with 2 stone bowls of CO2 In the catapult, you can clean the details in the car easily. However, this type of sanitation is not commonly used in Vietnam by investing in a CO catapult2 quite expensive and cost a lot of space. In addition, the implementer must have protective equipment to be safe, and proceed when the engine has cooled down to avoid the risks from CO heat.2.

Clean with cold, high pressure cold water

This is one of the ways used in most car hygiene centers in Vietnam. Many people often worry about how to clean the engine compartment, because you will spray directly onto the engine by cold water and high pressure. However, according to car cleaning experts, about 95% of cars that do this method do not have any problems after that and the remaining 5% is due to the wet jack, just spray dry to dry. normal operation.

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Clean with cold, high pressure cold waterClean with cold, high pressure cold water

The advantage of this car cleaning method is that it is easy to clean the hidden spots in the car and the locations deep inside, low investment costs. However, the drawback of this is that it requires high skill level of technicians to avoid unfortunate risks and only be done when the car is not too hot.

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