Advantages and disadvantages of 2011 Toyota Highlander

Advantages and disadvantages of 2011 Toyota Highlander

Located in the midsize SUV segment, the old Toyota Highlander 2011 is a name that is highly appreciated for its comfort and versatility.

Introducing Toyota Highlander 2011

Although not a breakthrough car, but the appearance of the Toyota Highlander 2011 is still considered quite prominent in the mid-size SUV segment. Leaving behind the “turbulent” coming to the old 2009 – 2010 Toyota Highlander, 2011 Toyota Highlander along with some redesigned Sienna, Prius and 4Runner still captures the hearts of car lovers in general and love Toyota brand in particular. Although it has been 8 years, but now the image of Toyota Highlander 2011 is not dim and vice versa is still mentioned quite a lot in the old car market.

Exterior of Highlander 2011

To create the attraction from the first sight, the manufacturer has improved the style of the 2011 Toyota Highlander from the front with a rather “muscular” and masculine design, the grille and the headlight cluster bring special characteristics. of the old Toyota Camry “quality” America. In addition, the 2011 Toyota Highlander Japanese version is also equipped with attractive fog lights.

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The front of the car has a unique grille design

To harmonize with the front of the car, the body is also quite delicately designed with floating veins extending from the capo running along the body. The door handles are sprayed in the same color as the car’s paint. The 2011 Toyota Highlander specifications can give you the most detailed look at this box car:

Parameter 2011 Toyota Highlander
Specifications (length x width x height) (mm) 4,785 x 1,917 x 1,729
Wheelbase (mm) 2,789

It seems that we want to keep the original design of the previous version so the rear end has not changed much. Except for the rear lights with two white-red tones and the spare tire instead of hanging in the rear door, it has been placed under the car to save space and facilitate the opening of the trunk door.

2011 Highlander Furniture

The interior is one of the deciding factors for choosing that old car or not. According to many people Old Toyota Highlander review life 2011, they are impressed by an airy and spacious space in the car. But that’s not enough to judge an old car. You need to carefully consider every detail of the 2011 Toyota Highlander because there are parts that over time will wear out and even malfunction. Make sure the car you plan to buy is worth the money.

Spacious interior space

As the 7-seater SUV segment, the 2011 Toyota Highlander seat system is designed as 2/3/2. However, the third row of seats is only more suitable for young passengers on long distances because the design is quite compact compared to the top two. And this row of seats can also be flexibly folded to increase the end area of ​​the storage vehicle. The car’s steering wheel is designed quite sensitively with the aim of creating the most authentic driving feeling for the driver.

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In addition, other facilities such as MP3 audio system, CD, USB connection, Bluetooth are also quite complete. Pay attention to the interior materials, you will continue to realize some limitations of the 2011 Toyota Highlander. There are some leather upholstery details such as armrests, seats … that leather material is not as premium as the next generation as Toyota Highlander 2014. Along with that, the dashboard is the focus position of the gaze, unless it has been elaborated on the material.

Equipped with modern amenities

In general, with the selection criterion is a car old, the 2011 Toyota Highlander image through the above interior features is quite good. The remaining disadvantages of the old 2011 Toyota Highlander do not affect too much on the quality of the car, but for those who are careful, this is a factor to consider whether to buy the old 2011 Toyota Highlander or not?

Engine specifications Highlander 2011

Feeling the old 2011 Toyota Highlander about performance, some people who have used it have evaluated the car to operate quite smoothly. However, this cannot deny the fact that the 2011 Toyota Highlander is not really agile, because the cohesion between the wheel and the road surface is still poor compared to other cars on the market. That is why those who want to find driving dynamic and excited feeling, this box is not a reasonable choice.

Technical specifications 2011 Toyota Highlander
4-cylinder petrol engine V6 engine
Engine capacity 2.7L 3.5L
Maximum capacity 187 hp 270 hp
Maximum torque 186Nm 248Nm
Gear 5-speed automatic transmission 5-speed automatic transmission

Although the car’s acceleration is not great, but at a speed of 60km / h, a vehicle weighing about 1.8 tons can still easily overtake vehicles of the same speed. In dangerous curves, sometimes the operator also feels a little flank but not significantly. It is important that the stability of the car is still guaranteed. The braking system is quite solid: the brake pedal has a counter-force when stepping hard, there is no phenomenon of the car … These factors help the old 2011 Toyota Highlander always keep its style in the old car market.

Safety equipment Highlander 2011

Many car owners, when asked to feel the old Toyota Highlander 2011, commented that this car is quite good in the safety field. Even when the car is old, the safety check is quite smooth. Only unless there are cars that have been in a collision or are “bummed”, most of the cars still maintain a safe performance.

The safety of the old 2011 Toyota Highlander is quite good

Should I buy an old 2011 Toyota Highlander?

The price of old Toyota Highlander cars in 2011 fluctuates between 1 billion and 1 billion 300 million VND depending on the condition of the car. For those who want to buy a used car priced at about 1 billion and are looking for a car to serve the needs of family travel, especially on long trips such as traveling, the old 2011 Toyota Highlander is a fairly affordable option.

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