AdvancedMD Medical Billing Reviews

AdvancedMD Medical Billing Reviews

Southern Jordan, Utah is home to more than 600 AdvancedMD employees. The company focuses on ambulatory medical practices with its cloud medical software solutions. AdvancedMD has a national presence serving more than 37,000 clinicians in more than 13,000 practices. On the AdvancedMD Medical Billing platform, more than 6.5 million insurance claims are processed monthly.

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AdvancedMD has a popular EHR, and its medical billing software builds on it to fully integrate a billing solution for a single platform approach. The medical billing software module then fully interfaces with the AdvancedMD EHR solution and all of its components to streamline the front office. For example, thanks to integration with Medical Scheduling and other front office tools, collecting copays after office visits is a breeze, with “One-click view of patient information, copays and eligibility, ”which is easily accessible and available instantly without having to search for the patient.

In addition, this close integration also results in payment processing. Here, the billing software integrates with credit card processing. This allows costs to be automatically posted to the patient’s account with a quick swipe.

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Although many EHRs store their data in the cloud, AdvancedMD claims to have more experience than most because it has been using this approach since 1999. Running software in the cloud also has the advantage that updates occur on the backend, and therefore the company can ensure that end users are only using the latest version of their software. It also means there are no additional costs associated with software upgrades, hourly backups, or the latest encryption technologies to keep data safe in an HIPAA-compliant environment. In addition, hosting data in the cloud provides a route for using the mobile platform via iOS devices, although unfortunately there is no app for Android to date.

The cloud approach also improves the functionality of this DME, especially when it is a practice with multiple locations and with multiple providers. A practice like this is an important challenge to follow and always keep up to date with invoices with traditional software solutions managed locally. However, via the cloud and centralized billing of AdvancedMD, it becomes a much simpler task, with the ability to easily manage multiple suppliers, on multiple sites, because everything is fed into a single centralized database.

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Another AdvancedMD billing feature is the Claims Inspector. Rather than seeing claims rebound without being paid, they are eliminated for CCI, HIPAA and LCD errors before being submitted. By finding potential errors earlier, AdvancedMD says users will see “A first pass claim acceptance rate of almost 100%.” Insurance eligibility can also be checked in batches before appointments to to minimize the surprises concerning the absence of coverage thereafter.


User reviews highlight some of the shortcomings of AdvancedMD. It starts with the lack of an Android mobile app, although an iOS is available. Critics say AdvancedMD is difficult to navigate, runs slowly, and also contains too many problems with frequent downtime issues. There are also lost documents and lost invoicing when complaints are not processed. In addition, customer service is difficult to reach, with little responsibility and poor resolution of reported issues, which makes the user experience frustrating.


Support for AdvancedMD is offered through a variety of methods. It starts with contacting support through an online portal to submit an incident ticket. The other option is live chat, but there is no indication of opening hours. On the website, there is no indication of a dedicated phone number for support, although there is a general number listed.

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The AdvancedMD website does indeed give some promise that prices will be forthcoming. After all, this indicates that there are two ways to “Create a bundle,” and also “View preconfigured bundles,” as seen in the screenshot above.

However, almost predictably at this point, choosing one or the other options simply leads to another opportunity to provide your information in order to proceed.

Persistent, we entered our information and were able to know the price of the preconfigured packs. It starts with EMR / EHR software which also includes practice management, at a cost of $ 729 (£ 556) per provider per month for the unlimited plan, or $ 2.18 (£ 1.66) for each meeting. The Practice Management option, without EMR, gives access to medical planning and billing software, costs $ 429 (£ 327) for each supplier per month for unlimited use, or per meeting for $ 1.42 (£ 1.08) ).

There is also an option for full revenue cycle management, which includes billing and collection services, as well as “Insightful expertise.” This has a fixed cost of 4% to 8% of practice collections, and includes also the software.

An important advantage is that there is no long-term contract to lock you up or lock up your practice, which gives AdvancedMD the incentive to keep its users satisfied with the service.

Final verdict

The AdvancedMD medical billing solution is a fully integrated offer to develop the already capable DHR AdvancedMD. Benefits include cleaning up software claims, integration with patient scheduling, and cloud-hosted data. However, count the negatives that center around user reviews, such as poor support, a hard-to-navigate interface, and glitch software with too frequent downtime issues. In the final analysis, for existing users of the AdvancedMD EHR platform, adding medical billing is a reasonable next step, but otherwise it is not worth switching over to satisfied users of their current EHR platform.

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