Admit the truth paying the Taliban to attack America

Admit the truth paying the Taliban to attack America

On April 15, the White House released a message saying that US intelligence had found no evidence they previously accused Russia of giving bonuses to encourage Taliban forces to attack US troops in Afghanistan.

Losing money was paid by the Taliban to break the US
US President Joe Biden once believed in accusations of Russia as a reward for the Taliban killing US soldiers in Afghanistan.

Specifically, the conclusion made by the US intelligence community after a series of classified reports could not confirm the data released showed that Russian spies were involved in the death of US soldiers in Afghanistan.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that after evaluating the confidential reports, the US intelligence community determined they only “had low or moderate confidence” in the accuracy of this information. Psaki said the reason was because of the way the Americans got that information, including the torture of Afghan prisoners.

This information was first published by the New York Times, leading to Biden repeatedly accusing Mr. Trump of neglecting US soldiers for not reacting strongly enough after receiving intelligence reports.

Last June, the AP reported that the Trump administration’s White House officials were reported that Russian intelligence provided the Taliban bounties in 2019 and 2020. The then-US national security adviser was Robert. O’Brien said that Mr. Trump himself did not hear this information because it “has not been verified”. US military commanders at the time also said that they could not rely on raw intelligence to change the way they protect their forces in Afghanistan.

When he took office earlier this year, Mr. Biden sent a tough message from his inauguration, tasking the intelligence community to scrutinize Russia-related allegations. These included accusations of Russia paying the Taliban to kill American soldiers and the unprecedented massive cyber attack in the history of SolarWinds.

To date, Mr. Biden has announced Russian sanctions for meddling in the US election and the SolarWinds cyber attack that Moscow has always denied. However, before the news of the allegations against Russia related to the issue in Afghanistan, the Biden administration did not make any comments to Russia.

US accusations of wars in the Middle East have been blasted by “detergent packs” during the war in Iraq. Trying to justify his anti-Iraq policy, then-US Secretary of State Colin Powell presented a jar of white powder to illustrate the dangers of anthrax. The US accused President Saddam Hussein of Iraq at that time was stockpiling biological weapons.

Losing money was paid by the Taliban to break the US
Detergent wrapping and the Middle East propulsion war in the US quagmire.

The allegations of Iraq’s possession of anthrax and later weapons of mass destruction proved untrue, but enough for Washington to launch an invasion that overthrew the Hussein administration in 2003. .

Clearly the “washing powder package” is just an excuse to destroy Iraq, toppling the stubborn Saddam Hussein government.

At the same time, this war follows the Middle East ambitions of the US when it waged the war in Afghanistan in 2001, to avenge the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks in America.

Washington has declared the world a national interest zone of the United States and it has the right to interfere in any country it considers a terrorist or “abetting terrorism” or simply ” There seems to be a terrorist.

The first reason the US government launched an invasion of Iraq was the slogan “fight against al-Qaeda” and Osama bin Laden, who was supported and sheltered by the Taliban government in Afghanistan. The Americans assumed that Saddam Hussein supported this terrorist network and allowed them to establish a “headquarters” in Iraq.

After Iraq was broken and President Saddam Hussein was hanged, it turned out that al-Qaeda was not present in Iraq. Moreover, after the US invasion of Iraq, the number of terrorist attacks increased several times and even spread, becoming a terror for the whole region.

The United States continued to immerse itself in its ambitions in the Middle East during the war in Afghanistan, killing 2,403 American soldiers, along with the deaths of thousands of Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters and Afghan civilians.

President Joe Biden on April 14 announced his decision to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan from May 1 and complete before September 11, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the series of terrorist attacks on the United States. year 2001.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on April 15 during a surprise visit to Kabul, Afghanistan said: “We have no intention of maintaining a permanent military presence here, the threat from al Qaeda in Afghanistan has decreased. shot significantly. “

Blinken also warned that the Taliban will increase their attacks on US forces as they prepare to withdraw from Afghanistan. These actions will be adequately responded to. “We will continue to support the Afghan national security forces, but it is important that we are doing everything we can to promote diplomacy to bring together regional and international partners,” Blinken said. concentration.

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