Admiring “Beauty Is…?”  Let's join the Top 5 Contest entries for Lets On Air 2021

Admiring “Beauty Is…?” Let’s join the Top 5 Contest entries for Lets On Air 2021


With the theme “Beauty Is…?”, the campaign wants young people to use their voices to conquer the journey to help women overcome their insecurities and realize their unique beauty. . After more than 3 weeks of launching the Contest, S Communications Student Communication Team is very honored to receive the attention and support of a large number of contestants.

Perhaps, there is no specific answer to the question “Beauty is..?”, each person will have their own definition, their own voice. In the collection of Top 5 best works, the answers that are retained in the end are the strongest voices, inspirational stories to spread positive energy to anyone. Anyone who is precarious on his journey of love and color.

Although the complicated epidemic situation makes the Honor and Awards Night unable to take place as planned, let’s join BTC Lets On Air 2021 to protect your health and look forward to the results of the Top 5 best works in both competitions. 3 categories below:


1st Prize – PHOTO STORY

DON’T BE SO SPOYED… | Trinh Thao Nhi
“Scars are no longer something that I fear, I feel self-conscious about. They become tattoos filled with memories, energy and motivation.”
Let’s admire the work here:


2nd Prize – PHOTO STORY

WHY DOES IT HAVE HAIR UP? | Group “Chrysanthemums”
Let’s admire the work here:…/Ti-sao-tri-nong-hong-buc-toc-len


THE WOMAN | Group “160CM”
Take a look at the work here:

Top 3: The Story of the Letter
Top 4: Choose To Be Beautiful Because You Can Choose To Be Beautiful
Top 5: Voices

TOP 5 – COLOR 21

1st Prize – COLOR 21

TOUCH | Group “LMN”
“You were beautiful when our emotions “touched” each other. When you lift up the pain, smile and bring joy to others.”
Let’s admire the work here:


2nd Prize – COLOR 21

DIFFERENCE | Group “Dream Children”
Take a look at the work here:


LOVE NO | The group “The Flames”
Let’s admire the work here:

Top 3: In You, How Important Is Perfection…?
Top 4: It’s Me
Top 5: Worried Mom


1st Prize – SOCIAL VIDEO

“What is beauty?” It’s a big question, I think if I keep running after it I’ll never find the answer. Instead, I go from feelings and a different perspective.”
Take a look at the work here:


2nd Prize – SOCIAL VIDEO

ROK CHECK AND STYLISH | Ban Me Guy Production
Take a look at the work here:


Take a look at the work here:

Top 3: Make Me Beautiful
Top 4: Loving Even Irregularities
Top 5: Wanting to “believe” must “self”

Congratulations to the works that have excelled in the Top Finalists of this year’s “Gai Sac” Journey. Each story about thorns about color that the works convey, brings positive energy to everyone, a source of motivation for you to be more confident on the journey of loving yourself. Lets On Air 2021, once again, thank you for your dedication.

Information about the Lets On Air 2021 Campaign:
Lets On Air is a Media Campaign organized annually by S Communications Student Communications Team, Target audience is young people across the country from 18 to 25 years old. With topics “SHOCKING”The campaign wishes to bring young people, especially women, a positive energy source to feel somewhat secure about the shortcomings in their appearance and realize their own advantages, thereby Become confident and perfect yourself. Lets On Air 2021 is pleased to be accompanied by Samsung Galaxy S21 Series 5G and FPT Shop retail system.

About the S Communications Student Communications Team:

Established in 1999, S Communications is the first and largest communication unit, under the Student Union of the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, with more than 170 members – active collaborators and connecting a community of thousands of students from universities across the country. With the slogan “UNITY – PROFESSION – CREATION”, over the past 22 years, S Communications has constantly connected and spread positive life values ​​to students at UEH and across the country.

About the Units accompanying Lets On Air 2021:

– Strategic sponsor: Samsung Galaxy S21 Series 5G and FPT Shop retail system.
– Gold sponsor: Galaxy Play – Vietnam’s No. 1 online movie service.
– Silver sponsor: Education New Zealand & University of Auckland (UoA) (New Zealand); TAAD Advertising Company; VSports – Vietnam Sports Community (Kha Vi Investment Company Limited); IELTS Training Center KTDC.
– Education sponsor: Green Academy.
Scholarship sponsor: Yoobee College (New Zealand).
– Bronze sponsor: Good Morning Food Joint Stock Company; Market Research Company – CI Research; Watsons Vietnam;; Cready Creative.
– Companion sponsor: SOC Career Creation Academy – Real learning, real teaching, real work; California Fitness & Yoga; HM Production; Ho Chi Minh City Youth Cultural House.
– Media sponsor: YBOX, Advertising Vietnam, Brands Vietnam, Vietnamme, Barcode Magazine, Adsangtao,, iDesign,, Langmaster, RGB, Promotion, Action Club, REC Media, FTUNEWS, MARC , B4T.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Nguyen Minh Nguyet – PR Manager
Student Communication Group S Communications – University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh
279 Nguyen Tri Phuong, District 10, HCMC
[P]: 0983 413 640

Ms. Phan Minh Hanh Uyen – Head of Communication Department
Student Communication Group S Communications – University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh
279 Nguyen Tri Phuong, District 10, HCMC
[P]: 0903 557 067


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