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Admire the Titan bumper for 30 million exclusively for Galaxy S10 +

If you feel that buying a Galaxy S10 + is still outstanding, don't ignore the titanium back cover that is even higher than this Galaxy S10.

Normally, users of smartphone devices only spend about 300,000 VND to 400,000 VND for buying phone protection covers. However, GRAY, the company specializing in the production of unique case accessories for high-end smartphones, has a unique customer target.

Specifically, GRAY recently launched a series of extremely "flushed" cases for Galaxy S10 + users, with the lowest price of 701 USD, equivalent to 16.3 million VND, and the most expensive is 1343 USD, equivalent VND 31.2 million. This price is even higher than the price of a normal Galaxy S10.

GRAY provides users with 4 types of case covers including Titanium (701 USD price), Steath (802 USD price), Gold (1156 USD price) and Aurora (most expensive price 1306 USD). The Titanium version will be a mass version, while the Steath version will only be limited to 100 units worldwide, and the Gold and Aurora versions will also be limited to 50 units.

The difference between the Titanium version and the rest is Titanium, GRAY does not include PVD coating like on the Steath and Gold versions. Meanwhile Aurora version will have a coating made entirely by hand, increasing the aesthetics of your Galaxy S10 +.

It should be noted that GRAY only provides the case for Galaxy S10 + (Plus) version, so if you own a regular Galaxy S10 but want to use these types of lemon cases, consider CellphoneS Buy now a Galaxy S10 + with attractive price and many incentives.


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Article source: Android Police

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