Admire the superhero level of Yamaha NVX 155

Admire the superhero level of Yamaha NVX 155

( Besides a series of Yamaha NVX 155 models with aggressive style, personality, sport, … let’s admire the super product NVX 155 with superhero style below.

This is a custom made at Tuan Decal store with the lines on the car extremely prominent. The first impression that easily caught attention was the Ghost Rider style stamp set, along with the combination of two red and green colors on the mysterious black background, giving the NVX 155 a fascinating look.

In addition, the surrounding fire patterns also play an important role, making the character image come to life as Airbrush stamp paint rather than just a set of boss stamps. This has shown the enthusiasm and meticulousness of the craftsman to create a cool stamp set. Whether viewed from afar or when approaching, you can admire the clarity on each pattern and line.

Admire the superhero level of Yamaha NVX 155

However, the attraction of the car is not only in the stamp but also a series of other toy accessories equipped on this superhero Yamaha NVX 155. The front of the car is equipped with a large size windshield that has increased the pit of the car. The headplate is also extremely impressive, and is organized by the wind holes under the headlight to help increase the balance.

Admire the superhero level of Yamaha NVX 155

On the conservative part, there is meticulous meticulousness Together with the frame outside the frame, this NVX 155 is angular and thorny.

In addition, the rim can not be ignored. Tuan Decal’s tailors have been transformed to match the style and layout of the shirt to create coherence and accents when the wheel spins.

Admire the superhero level of Yamaha NVX 155

Looking down below is a pair of huge toy forks attached to a picture of 4 muscular oil bottles. In addition, the chain is attached to the rear to create a cool car.

Photo: Tuan Decal


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