Admire the McLaren 650S Spider upgrading the Liberty Walk package worth 2 billion VND

Up to now, only two McLaren 650S in Vietnam have been upgraded to the widekit Liberty Walk package in Vietnam.

The second McLaren 650S Spider in Vietnam is licensed by Liberty Walk

This British supercar was sold to the North and then back to Ho Chi Minh City, with the original orange paint like many other 650S rolling on the S-shaped strip of land. With the upgrade of the package from Japan This, the value of the McLaren 650S Spider is estimated at no less than 13 billion VND.


The wide body for the McLaren 650S in the Coupe and Spider version was introduced by the famous Liberty Walk brand since 2016. To carry out this upgrade for the car, Liberty Walk engineers personally flew to Vietnam to take the test. public.

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-3  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-4

The second wide body package on the McLaren 650S in Vietnam costs 2 billion VND

This widebody package has expanded the four wheel arches to the sides a lot compared to the original, fixed with threaded studs to the old bodywork. Wanting to mount the new larger wheel arches, the engineers of the Land of the Rising Sun had to cut the old wheel arches directly to create the new parting space.

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-5  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-6

In addition, to create a match for the extended wheel arches, Liberty Walk also adds the widebody section directly to the door. Below is the rib cage made of carbon material.

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-7  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-8

The capo on the 650S Spider Liberty Walk is inspired by the McLaren P1

The front bumper of the car is still made from carbon fiber as the original, but there has been a change in size and comes with a wider set of wheels forward. In particular, the original cap has been replaced with a capo inspired by the hypercar McLaren P1 and two fake wind cavities.

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-9  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-10

Thanks to that, the “gentle” look of the McLaren 650S has “transformed” with the characteristic strong, pit-like appearance on the Liberty Walk package. The rear end is no exception when the old diffuser is “released” to improve the aerodynamics of the car.

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-11  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-12

The two undercarriage air vents expand the space deeper and wider. This detail is also used by Liberty Walk carbon to compensate for the increased weight during the widebody section.

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-13  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-14

Not only outstanding with the wide body package, this McLaren 650S also attracts attention thanks to the large rear spoiler, which helps the car more stable when cornering as well as increased aerodynamics when traveling at high speeds.

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-15  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-16

Before the Liberty Walk, McLaren 650S has upgraded to nearly 700 million

The previous ADV.1 rims have also been omitted, replaced by a sportier black paint swirl multi-spoke rims made by Forgiato, measuring 20 inches up front and 21 inches at the rear.

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-17  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-18

Other details on the carbon copper car with the spoiler include the side air vents, rearview mirror cladding, … In addition, this super car is also equipped with a steam suspension system that can lift and lower the undercarriage.

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-19  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-20

Before being upgraded to the level of Liberty Walk, this British supercar used to be equipped with ADV.1 wheels and IPE branded exhaust system worth up to $ 30,000 (~ 690 million VND). This exhaust for a more powerful, fierce sound while reducing weight by 4.3 kg and increasing engine power by 33 horsepower.

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-21  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-22

The “heart” of the McLaren 650S Spider is a 3.8L V8 twin-turbocharged engine block for a maximum capacity of 641 horsepower and a maximum torque of 678Nm. Comes with it is a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox that helps the 650S Spider accelerate from 0 – 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds, with a top speed of 333 km / h.

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-23  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-24

The interior of the McLaren 650S Spider is not as special as the 720S

Compared to the Coupe version, the 650S Spider weighs 40 kg more with a weight of 1,370 kg. The carbon fiber hard top can open in 17 seconds while the car is traveling at speeds below 30 km / h.

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-25  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-26

The interior compartment of the car remains the same with high-quality leather main materials, sports seats. The buttons are still quite sketchy, in the middle is the vertical touch screen.

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-27  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-28

Some details in the steering wheel, center console, door panel trim are made of carbon fiber. In general, the cabin on the McLaren 650S is not too prominent for a sporty design like the 720S “junior”.

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-29  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-30

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-31  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-32

McLaren 650S at the time of new import to Vietnam has a selling price of not less than 1 million USD, but after about 4-5 years of use, this super car is currently for sale with prices ranging from 11-15 billion VND depending on durable of the vehicle

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-33  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-34

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-35  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-36

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-37  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-38

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-39  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-40

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-41  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-42

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-43  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-44

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-45  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-46

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-47  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-48

  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-49  mclaren650slibertywalk-cafeautovn-50

Photo: Ha Dat


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