Admire the latest images of Iphone 11: Is there a breakthrough?

Despite the many impressive Android products that promise to launch in the second half of 2019, the iPhone is always the most desirable object. A new report from Macotakara claims that Apple will launch two Iphone tanglei (temporarily called iPhone 11) with three cameras in the back in 2019. These two iPhone models will have 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch OLED screens. And yet, the iPhone 11 2019 product line with 3 rear cameras will also be thinner than the iPhone 2018 generation. 6.1 inch iPhone OLED will be 0.15 mm thinner than the iPhone Xs, while the 6.5 inch iPhone OLED will be slim 0.4 mm more than the iPhone Xs Max.

According to some leaked information, the new iPhone may be iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R. However, in the past few years, Apple has changed the naming scheme very differently, so we do not know for sure what new naming rules will apply. In addition, new iPhones may also be just an upgraded version of existing iPhones rather than breakthrough innovations.


The BGR page, which led sources from accessories maker Olixar, posted a very sharp picture of some details of the iPhone 11. This image is not much different from previous leaked photos, though However, with the appearance of sharp images, from a large component manufacturer has partly confirmed this is the image of the new iPhone.



The most interesting thing, the report said that iPhone 11 will use the new and unique glass back design. The details here are unclear, but the report says the rear glass will be made of a single piece of glass, including the glass for the new three-lens camera set:

“Talking about other aspects of leaked images, we can see that the device comes with a new and more unique backside design, made of a single piece of glass including glass cladding. 3 camera set. ”


The most impressive change is probably in the camera cluster, which has now become a camera with 3 different lenses. According to some sources, Apple will add wide-angle cameras, while significantly improving the ability to capture low-light images not inferior to rival Google Pixel 3XL. In addition, the size of the iPhone 11 will be larger, equal to those of tablets, and will probably be larger than 6.5 in. ”

Other changes are also displayed in this render, which is where the back microphone is somewhat different, it is placed below the 3rd lens. And yet, the change is also on the mute button, it has the picture. completely different form. In addition, the iPhone 2019 is likely to continue to use the Lightning port.

iPhone 11 most advanced version will have 4,000 mAh battery, faster charging speed with 15W charger. In addition, the screen frequency of iPhone 2019 is raised to 120 Hz, on par with iPad Pro (according to an account specializing in news leakage about Iphone on social networks Weibo). Wireless charging feature was introduced by Apple at the time of launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but the charger only has a maximum capacity of 5 W. iOS update version then raises the charging capacity to 7.5 W .

Above are some of the latest information (and maybe images) about this year's iPhone 11. The product may be a minor upgrade compared to iPhone XS and there are not many breakthroughs to cause tech fever. Anyhow, all the images and information above are just leaks and predictions. Let's wait until September to see what new iPhones will look like!


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