Admire the collection of thousands of Porsche models of an unrivaled fanatic

Admire the collection of thousands of Porsche models of an unrivaled fanatic

Thousands of Porsche models of all models are displayed neatly and arranged inside Alberto’s roof. They are organized by theme, with each corner focusing on a different stage in the history of the German car brand. For example, in one corner of the room are all Porsche cars that have attended the 24 Hours of Le Mans; In another corner are the cars running on the road and even some trailers.

Alberto’s number of models and display sizes may be more than enough to qualify him as the “greatest Porsche fan in the world,” but these models are just the tip of the iceberg. .

Part of Alberto’s valuable collection is also a piece of car parts that would normally be seen as scrap. These include a rubber piece from a Porsche tire during the 12 Hours of Sebring, and a body piece from a Porsche 935.

Of course, Alberto also owns a collection of signature photos from some famous names, including Belgian racer Jacky Ickx, and even Wolfgang Porsche. Alberto’s wife Ana said that she had to come out and ask for many signatures for her husband because of his shy nature. “I had to ask for many signatures because he was ashamed, ”she recalled. “But I also know he is excited.

Other notable Porsche-related items include a menu from the restaurant inside the company’s Zuffenhausen factory, and a Porsche chair converted into an office chair. Alberto also spends time collecting ballpoint pens, backpacks, notebooks, and many other keepsakes.

We travel by car so we can easily bring back books and souvenirs,Alberto said. “We once had a plane ride, and when we left things to go through, airline staff didn’t believe what we were carrying.

When I was young and I used to go home to college, many days I passed by a Porsche dealer and spent a lot of time looking through the window, never having the courage to step inside,”Recalls Alberto.

After a visit to Alberto’s unique home, Porsche said that they had ordered a brand new Porsche 911 for him. “This time it was a full-size car, to join the toys he had in the garage,”Said the German car manufacturer.

Some other beautiful images from Alberto’s huge collection of Porsche models:

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