Admire the Cache map recreated with the Unreal Engine

CS: GO's Map Cache has just been remade recently, giving it a much more jungle feel than the old machine style. Of course Valve's Source Engine still brings great graphics, but that can't stop people from comparing it to the Unreal Engine. Their differences can be seen in the Cache created by Unreal Engine 4, by the Indian studio 13 Particles.

13 Particles has reconstructed the original version of Cache, but built from scratch with new graphics and new look. While the Cache rework you play in CSGO is now greener, the 13 Particles version has a rusty, cracked sound over time.

13 Particles creates a very different feeling, thanks to the strong light and shadow used in Unreal Engine. Do you see the cement floor peeling off, the grass sprouting, then the puddles pooled; meanwhile, shadows cast from tall walls and containers boldly onto the ground.

13 Particles said they were inspired by the Wiktor Öhman's Dust II remake. The studio creates its own texture, model and shading for the remake. In addition, they also use many assets supported by the Magascan photo library.

You can learn more about the products of 13 Particels through your Instagram account or visit the ArtStation page.

Ninh Tran

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