Admire super cow CBR600RR when leveled up Street Fighter will be cool like

Admire super cow CBR600RR when leveled up Street Fighter will be cool like

With the Street Fighter CBR600RR package becomes especially attractive with the special exterior when the sea changes from SuperSport to NakeBike.

Workshop degrees Zife has transformed with the “The Cyber ​​Devil ” become more special with layers made of aluminum material with many details designed “unique”.

DFor easy mobility dàng name phstained owner to raise the handlebars, chassis as well as to make the car become more pure.

Hand part lloveto be replaced by 28mm naked handlebar to improve to create feelingsevil thoengrossedlove on the go.

DThe locomotive is designed with d-clustersugar alumCovered with metal cover vOh whatstay lLamp and glass core chshort-livedThere it isEliminated sensitizationevil dMore bruised, HsnailsYes cover bGas more whenGo to the caró tbetter for clove look the can’tsmooth bLike that.

The watch cluster is maintained by the owner of the CBR600RR combined with two LED light bulbs from the TUN brand.

PhThe exhaust system is fine moving from below the rear saddle to the bottom, divided into 3 exhaust pipes with unique lines.

The car uses a 600cc liquid-cooled engine, DOHC for 108 horsepower capacity at 13,500 rpm, torque of 66Nm at 11,250 rpm, total weight up to 186 kg. In addition, this car also owns the fuel injection system DSFI (Dual Stage Fuel Injection), which consists of 2 injectors per cylinder, controlled by an electronic chip ECU capable of sensing or throttle opening. When the revolving speed of the motor is low, only one injector is active, and at high revolving speed, both injectors are activated.


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