Admire iPhone 11 Pro titanium inspired by the "electric supercar" Tesla Cybertruck, priced at 120 million
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Admire iPhone 11 Pro titanium inspired by the “electric supercar” Tesla Cybertruck, priced at 120 million

Until smartphones have breakthroughs in design style, “shell” is still the first option if you want to own a unique phone as well as express yourself.

Caviar, a well-known luxury manufacturer, has recently launched a version of the iPhone 11 Pro model called Cyberphone, with a design inspired by the angular style, the unmistakable block of the model ” Electric supercars ”are very famous all over the world today: Cybertruck, and especially the premium lightweight and durable titanium shell.

Cyberphone is inspired by Cybertruck

The basic Cyberphone is still an ordinary iPhone 11 Pro, but the aluminum and glass frame has been replaced with titanium, which is finely crafted from the talented hands of Caviar artisans. Besides the back cover, Cyberphone also has a screen protector, which when opened can make the stand upright on the phone.

The new outfit makes the iPhone 11 Pro elegant and somewhat “fragile, fragile” into a real “muscular guy” with sharp edges, solid ribs, making the product attractive. Every gaze wherever it goes. As for the material of this case, there is probably no need to discuss much about the hardness, scratch resistance, impact resistance and ultralight weight characteristic of titanium.

In this edition, Caviar is also surprised to use titanium instead of gold and diamond as many products that the company has launched before. That is why the price of iPhone 11 Pro Cyberphone “only” is $ 5,265 (about 121 million), instead of up to billions as usual. In particular, only 99 Cyberphone will be created worldwide, making it an item that not everyone can own.

Only 99 Cyberphones will be created worldwide

Earlier in December 2019, Caviar also launched the iPhone 11 Pro model “Credo Diamond Christmas Star” of the Credo collection inspired by the theme of religion – belief, crafted entirely from Gold and diamonds are extremely sophisticated. This product has a selling price of up to 129,050 USD (nearly 3 billion).


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