Adjustments to new YouTube features you should know

Recently, YouTube announced a number of changes that allow users to have greater control over videos appearing on the YouTube Homepage and in the Up Next Suggestion section.

The video browsing feature is designed to make it easier to browse related topics and videos from both the YouTube Homepage and the Up Next suggestion video.

Now YouTube makes personalized video recommendations based on what videos you’re watching, videos that appear on the channels you’re watching, or things that YouTube thinks you’re interested in.

The YouTube representative said this feature was first implemented in the YouTube Android app for users who have signed in to the English language, followed by iOS, desktops, and other languages.

If YouTube offers are not relevant – usually they don’t – the user can clearly control the discontinuation of videos from a specific channel. This feature will be available in the three-dot menu on Homepage or Up Next.

After you click on “Don’t recommended channel”, the videos from that channel will no longer appear. However, you may still see videos in some cases, such as when you subscribe to a channel containing the video, do a search for those videos or visit the Channel page directly, or in other words, they don’t. Completely offline with you.

Those videos also appear on the Trending tab at times. This feature is available on the YouTube for Android app and is starting to be available on iOS starting today, and will soon be available on desktop apps.

Most notably, YouTube allows users to see the operation of the algorithm behind it. In the past, everyone didn’t understand why a video was recommended for me. A new feature provided by YouTube will show why a video appears in the list of suggestions.

Explaining this reason, YouTube says that, often, they recommend videos from channels you’ve never seen before based on things that other users who share your interests once liked and watch in the past, with the goal of producing relatively relevant videos on your Homepage, helping you quickly find videos from new channels you might like.

Asserting that “people who like one video may like other videos too”, is a starting point for the proposed algorithm, however, the current YouTube algorithm is more complex than that.

These changes were made at a time when YouTube was under pressure from Government policy makers to manage the YouTube platform. In addition to privacy and information security issues, they have been criticized for containing inappropriate content for children and the lack of transparency in the algorithms used to determine which videos will be exported. shown to users of their platform.

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* Source: VTC News


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