adidas ZX8000 Porcelain - Unique Meissen-inspired piece of art 3 minutes to read

adidas ZX8000 Porcelain – Unique Meissen-inspired piece of art 3 minutes to read

Ceramics is not just for tableware – this wonderful material can also be used in the athletic shoe industry.

adidas recently teamed up with German porcelain designer Meissen to create a ZX8000 running shoe made from leather and ceramic as well as entirely hand painted.

The ZX8000 Porcelain is inspired by the luxurious Meissen Krater Vase, a historic ceramic designed by Ernst August Leuteritz in 1856.

Creation of the Meissen Krater vase

This ceramic shoe is part of the adidas A-ZX series, a collection of ZX8000 comedians recreated in collaboration with artists and designers. Meissen’s pair is exquisitely crafted, with real porcelain pieces stitched into the tongue and heels. It owns 15 out of a total of 130 different models of vase, including colorful floral designs and dragon motifs. Every detail was hand-painted by a team of four highly skilled Meissen artists, but even under the hands of the talented artisans, the ZX8000 Porcelain still took six months to complete.

Till JaglaAdidas Global Energy Director said: “The manufacturing process is very complex and it took us more than a year to finish the product. The team was obsessed with creating a perfect object. When I think about this project, this is really what I love most: love, passion and dedication that have resulted in a great result.

Meissen artists have to pay special attention to detail because they are working on a new and much more difficult material. Doctor Tillmann Blaschke Meissen’s CEO explained, “[Nó] It is especially difficult because mistakes cannot be made as the color immediately penetrates the skin and cannot be corrected. ”

The ZX8000 Porcelain is a one-of-a-kind piece of art and is currently being auctioned through Sotheby’s. Less than 7 days left to bid, the bid is currently at $ 6,500 USD, however, the estimated value of this piece reaches $ 1,000,000 USD Final sale amount will be donated to the Museum Brooklyn to support access to arts education for young people in NYC.

Translator: Nam Vu

Source: mymodernmet

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