Address to buy cheap table tennis rackets in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City

If you are looking for yourself Where to buy cheap table tennis rackets in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Please refer to this article immediately and pocket the address below. Surely you will be able to easily choose to buy a tennis racket like that for an affordable price.

Selling table tennis HCMC

How to choose a suitable table tennis racket

With people playing table tennis according to their preferences

  • If you only play table tennis for entertainment purposes, the choice of racket is not too picky. A pasted racket will be suitable for you.
  • If you are inclined to play offensive ways, you should choose a light and high speed table tennis racket to create overwhelming opponents or deploy the ball.
  • If you are new to playing or prone to defensive play, you should choose a heavy racket, low speed to easily control the ball and start familiarizing yourself with higher techniques.

With professional soccer players

For professional table tennis players, the choice of table tennis racket is very important and must comply with factors such as grip, bounce, control when holding the racket …

Their choice of racket is also different from the player who is more entertaining. Usually they will not choose the pre-attached racket that will select the blade itself and the rubber surface then paste them together.

Address sell tennis table tennis City

How to choose table tennis blade:

Table tennis blade is the most important element of a table tennis racket. When choosing a blade, you should note a few points as:

  • The deciding factor for a blade is: grip, bounce, control and ability to contact the ball of the blade.
  • Defensive players often choose the type of core has a slow speed, high control.
  • Attack players prefer high-speed blades, which create overwhelming blows
  • Beginners should choose from normal blades with low speed, high control and then gradually move to other higher-grade blades.

How to choose a table tennis racket:

Apart from the blade, the rubber is the second most important factor for table tennis. The rubber will be made up of different types of rubber:

  • Smooth foam: Ability to create high vortex. This is the most common type of foam and it is suitable for all types of play from defense to attack.
  • Short spiny foam: It is actually a slippery foam but is turned upside down, creating a surface with lots of notes. This type of foam creates less vortex, but it helps users to have strong counter attacks.
  • Long sponges: The sponges have the same structure as short sponges, but the notes on the surface are higher, which reduces the spin of the ball.

How to hold table tennis racket properly?

There are two ways of holding a racket when playing table tennis: vertical grip and horizontal racket:

  • How to hold the vertical racket: Similar to the way of holding a pen. Two thumbs and forefinger form pincer and grip grip. The other three fingers let the child naturally press against the back of the racket.

How to hold the racquet horizontally: The thumb and index finger naturally curve then press the thumb against the grip on the front, index finger at the back. The other three fingers hold the grip of the racket.


  • You can choose the grip that suits you.
  • When you first play, you need to learn how to hold the racket properly and always keep your hands comfortable
  • Do not hold the rackets too tight or too loose because they will affect the process of playing the ball.

Table tennis rackets are good, most used today?

On the market today there are many brands of table tennis rackets for players to have a rich choice. Some brand of racket that users appreciate you can refer to:

  • Table tennis rackets 729 Famous brand from China, manufactured according to modern technology, reaching high standards of quality and design.
  • Mizuno table tennis racket Famous brand of Japan. MIZUNO’s products have conquered demanding markets such as Europe, America …
  • DHS table tennis rackets is a famous Chinese brand specializing in the production of sports equipment for table tennis.

Here are some outstanding tennis rackets, which are the most popular players today:

Product Technical data

Wooden table tennis rackets (2 rackets, 3 balls)

Price: 115,000 VND

Table tennis bats

  • Target users: All objects
  • Products include: 2 rackets, 3 balls
  • Material: Wood

Table tennis rackets DHS 1002

Price: 155,000 VND

Table tennis rackets 1

  • Color: Red
  • Size: 26cm x 15cm
  • Material: 5 layers of wood

Table tennis rackets 729 Very 6 Stars

Price: 450,000 VND

Table tennis rackets 2

  • Thickness: 2.1mm
  • Speed: 8.5
  • Spin: 7.7
  • Control: 8.0

Table tennis rackets 729-1060 New

Price: 145,000 VND

table tennis racket Hanoi

  • Type: Racket
  • Speed: 9
  • Control: 9
  • Material: Racket (Wood)

Table tennis rackets DHS-2002

Price: 240,000 VND

Table tennis bats

  • Products include: 1 racket, 1 bag
  • Material: Racket (Wood)

Address of selling table tennis rackets in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

If you want to buy table tennis rackets in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, you can visit META.vn website or go directly to the 2 addresses below:

  • Address selling tennis rackets in Hanoi: 56 Duy Tan – Dich Vong Hau – Cau Giay. Phone number: 024.3568.6969
  • Address sell tennis table tennis City: 716-718 Dien Bien Phu – Ward 10 – District 10. Phone number: 028.3833.3366

Come to META, you will be consulted and enthusiastic support to be able to choose a table tennis racket that suits the play style, as well as the money. In addition, the promotions, after-sales regime is also very attractive, ensuring customers will always be satisfied when shopping here.

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