Add a role-playing game for the hero for busy people

The combination of the two most popular games today, role-playing and Idle, is a key factor to the success of Magica Arena Mobile.

Magica Arena is an RPG game that applies Idle-style idle gameplay on the mobile platform. The setting of the game takes place in a mysterious magical world, where is gradually becoming chaotic by the invasion from monsters and countless powerful enemies.

Graphics in Japanese Anime style: Despite having the colors of the West, all the images in the game bring Japanese anime lines. The characters are attractive, seductive, accompanied by a series of eye-catching visual effects, from both actions and skills.

+ Ethnic diversity: Magica Arena Mobile has a total of 6 races that the player can summon including the Red Lotus Empire, Arctic Union, Seven Seas Federation, Wolfheart Tribe, The Shadows and Goddess Sect. In which each race produces warriors who play a separate combat role such as Warrior, Mage, Priest, Knight, Archer, Assassin, … so that players can choose and mix into the battle squad. .

However, you should remember that this game has many types of hidden buffs depending on the lineup you are using including clan, character class. Besides, each race also plays a similar role in all fronts, so you need to carefully consider choosing a warrior and arranging an effective formation.

Innovative Idle gameplay: All operations in the game are fine-tuned, so that they become as convenient and idle for the player as possible. Now you can perform the whole activity of the day with just a few taps, but the resources will be continuously poured in every minute.

However, to be able to become stronger and go further in gates, towers, and battlefields, the system still needs to master your game through calculating the amount of resources available to start. evolutionary for some of the main characters in the lineup.

Variety of game modes: The game has 5 main game modes including: Arena, Endless Mode, Dungeon, Guild System and Bonus Missions. Of course at the beginning it will be quite easy to overcome, but the later, the more difficult activities, especially with Endless Mode and Boss Dungeon slamming, requires you to constantly change the position of the hero’s imprint in the game new image to escape.

The system is equipped with a massive classification: Magica Arena Mobile has a very clear item hierarchy, ranging from low to high, such as Non-set, Savant, Warrior, Royal, Immortal, Death, Classical, Frost, Burning Dragon and Red Lotus. After collecting equipment, players can upgrade, mosaic, … to increase combat power in the appropriate direction.

Download game Magica Arena for AndroidAPKIOS (Idle Fantasy)

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