Add a patent idea of ​​Samsung's very "weird" Smartphone – Horizontal sliding screen

Samsung has just received a patent from KIPO (Korea Intellectual Property Office) for a phone that can become a tablet computer with a strange sliding style.

Samsung seems to be trying to find ways to create smartphones with larger display screens for users, but the overall design of the device should not increase too much. As discovered by LetsGoDigital, the Korean company may develop a smartphone with a retractable horizontal slide screen and expand to the right when needed, giving users the experience of viewing content on a device. size like tablet computer. Samsung applied for a patent for this design by the end of 2018 and it was issued in May.

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Sketch pictures from Samsung's LetsGoDigital based patent.

Since this is just a design patent, the details of how exactly the mechanism works are yet to be addressed. All that is known based on Samsung's content submitted to KIPO is that dragging the hidden screen will increase the screen size by 50%. Therefore, a 6-inch smartphone can turn into a 9-inch tablet. When using, you can unplug the screen back inside. At this time, the size of the phone will return. It also has a dual-hole perforated camera that appears in front of the screen.

Illustrations from patent application and rendering show hidden screen moving on rails or some grooves to open and close. The special thing is that according to what is described in the patent, it seems that the device has no folds or separation between the two screens when pulling out and pulling. How this is done is still a mystery so far.

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Photos described in Samsung patents.

Many believe that this type of smartphone screen will be a flexible screen, combined with a mechanical sliding system. The sliding system is controlled by a separate button located on the side of the device. In addition, you can also use the power to pull the screen out without fear of damaging the device.

This is certainly an extremely interesting idea and is likely to become a reality in the near future. But is the "extraordinary" level of the flexible screen on the mysterious smartphone really attracting a large number of users? Previously, Samsung also registered a lot of interesting patents on the ability to scroll the screen, but unfortunately, it was not commercialized Samsung products to the market.

If Samsung really has a plan to develop such a device, this will be an interesting alternative to folding screen phones in such a way. Galaxy Fold good Huawei Mate X applied. However, they will certainly face many technical barriers including the complexity of the retraction mechanism, screen durability and battery capacity.


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