Acura RLX Review: Is the design too tedious?

Acura RLX Review: Is the design too tedious?

Besides the leading competitors from Europe, experts evaluate the car Acura RLX is quite bland in the segment because of the lack of breakthrough design.

Introduction of Acura RLX

Acura RLX – a luxury sedan belonging to the Honda Group is a serious competitor to the luxury sedan giants such as Lexus, Audi, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz … The car is hit by many automotive experts and users. Positive prices on the ability to ensure excellent safety, fuel economy, comfort and modern features.

Acura RLX 2018Acura RLX

The biggest plus point that many users like the most for this luxury sedan is that it is much lower than its competitors in the same segment. Not only that, the new version is also equipped with more advanced facilities and safety, including the traffic jam assisting function (Traffic Jam Assits). With this feature, Acura RLX has both adaptive cruise control and modern lane keeping assist.

The Acura RLX was first launched to the public in early 2013, which was expected to replace the not-so-successful RL version of the Japanese car company. The new version offers 2 engine options including a regular petrol engine and an electric hybrid gasoline engine. The petrol engine version on the Acura RLX is the 3.5L V6 direct-injection petrol. While the Hybrid Sport Hybrid version is a combination of 3.5L V6 engine and 3 electric motors. All 2 engine options on the Acura RLX come with a new generation 10-speed automatic transmission.

Review of Acura RLX on the exterior

Regarding exterior design, compared to the previous generation, Acura RLX has been refreshed by many Acura engineers, especially in the front of the car. Other areas such as the door handle, wheel cavity at the body and tail lights and tailpipe exhaust are all redesigned more sophisticated and beautiful than the generation of Acura RLX.

The car has an eye-catching exterior designThe car has an eye-catching exterior design

Overall, Acura RLX has given users a completely new look on this sedan. The car is gradually getting closer to its rivals in sales and is starting to create more pressure thanks to new designs and approach to customer needs.

Top car

Evaluating Acura RLX on the front of the car, the car uses an eye-catching shield-shaped grille assembly. This type of grille has quite a lot of similarities with the model with the Acura TLX just launched. However, without mixing the luxurious substance like on the TLX, the grille on the Acura RLX exudes a more sturdy, sinewy and sporty look. In addition, this sedan is even more powerful thanks to the large embossed details and clearly visible on the capo and front bumper.

The first part of Acura RLX 2018The first part of Acura RLX

Acura RLX is equipped with headlights with a quite modern design and high aesthetics. This light fixture is equipped with LED technology with extremely strong lighting ability, for improved safety than the previous generation. In addition, the slim LED daytime position lights, along with the headlights, gives an impressive look to the overall design of the head. The car’s fog lights also use LED technology for a sense of comfort and modernity.

Vehicle body

The upgraded version is based on the old generation platform, so Acura’s luxury sedan does not have too many changes. The biggest and most prominent change that makes the body more eye-catching is in the lazang of the car. The new design is a sportier style with a fancy 5-spoke cluster made meticulously, accompanied by a higher wheel cavity, bringing a sense of elegance, as beautiful as rivals in the segment.

The body of the car features a set of beautiful 5-spoke wheelsThe body of the car features a set of beautiful 5-spoke wheels

In addition, the body of the car is also impressed by its engineers, with the long lines on the body. Along with that is the rearview mirror made larger for better visibility. The rearview mirror cluster on the car is equipped with electric folding feature with modern turn signals. In addition, the door handle of the car is also eye-catching chrome, creating a special highlight for the entire body design.


The tail of the Acura RLX has a design that is quite a lot of elegance and elegance. In particular, the rear of the car uses a pretty fancy LED cluster when compared to rivals in the same segment. This cluster of lights squeezed around the corner of the car to create the impression and appearance like on European models. Overall, with this design, the overall rear becomes more plump and more beautiful than the previous generation. Especially in the unique design of the rear light that makes it difficult for rivals to keep up. In addition, the car is also equipped with black diffuser and eye-catching dual luxurious chrome-plated exhaust pipes.

Tail lights design breakthrough on Acura RLX 2018Tail lights clusters designed alternative on Acura RLX

Review of Acura RLX on the interior

Interior space

Acura’s luxury sedan is quite generous when equipped with upholstered seats for all versions. Acura RLX interior is quite spacious and comfortable for 4 users. It can be said that this sedan can completely match or even overwhelm many rivals in the interior space.

The car has thick and smooth cushion seats, the front row of the car is appreciated for the comfort that gives the driver, while the rear seats are very spacious with quite long legroom, the seat also has a large inclination, Bring a sense of comfort and relaxation to users. Front seats have 12-way power adjustment. In particular, on the RLX Sport Hybrid version has ventilated front seats, heated rear seats.

Interior space on the carInterior space on the car

Compared to the previous version, Acura RLX has been upgraded quite a lot of materials in the interior space. The car’s taplo is tuned to a cleaner and easier to use way. The buttons for controlling entertainment, operating and air-conditioning functions are stowed away, making it easy for the driver to control even when the vehicle is in traffic.

In addition, the biggest and most noticeable change is in the seat area, focusing more on quality and comfort for users. These seats have been redesigned with contrasting colors, the re-arranged details bring a modern feel. In addition, the car also uses a new interior color, Espresso, promising to satisfy many customers who prefer the elegance and sophistication. In terms of steering wheel design, the Acura RLX uses a leather-wrapped steering wheel on all versions. This steering wheel cluster integrated heating function comes with a number of function keys are quite comfortable.

The 2018 Acura RLX uses a leather-wrapped steering wheel on all versionsThe Acura RLX uses a leather-wrapped steering wheel on all versions

However, a few drawbacks of the Acura RLX in the interior compartment make many users appreciate that this model is in a rather tedious and monotonous design. Unlike rivals quite quite focused on the luxury and luxury worthy of luxury sedans, the interior of the Acura RLX is pretty much in terms of convenience and ease of use for users.

The Acura RLX has a fairly small luggage space, which is quite low for a large luxury sedan like the RLX. This model has a storage capacity of only 421 liters in the regular version, while the RLS Sport Hybrid electric petrol engine version has a volume of only 340 liters. Worse, the back seat space of Acura RLX also cannot be folded to increase luggage storage.

Equipped with amenities

Acura RLX evaluation of equipment comfort, vehicle ownership starting equipment such as 3-zone automatic air conditioning, sunroof, proximity key, start / stop start button. The car is equipped with a fairly modern infotainment system including an 8 inch screen above and a 7 inch screen at the bottom. Comes with satellite navigation and convenient navigation, capable of connecting USB, AUX, Bluetooth, connecting to smartphones and voice recognition. This entertainment system comes with 14 premium speakers for an impressive audio experience.

The entertainment system includes 2 large screens on the 2018 Acura RLXThe entertainment system includes 2 large screens on the Acura RLX

On the electric hybrid version, Acura RLX is equipped with 14-speaker Krell high-end audio system, front / rear parking sensor, HUD display, panoramic camera. In addition, all versions of the car are equipped with remote engine start, steering wheel, front and rear seats are heated, while the front row has more comfortable ventilation for users.

Acura RLX evaluation of engine / operation


This luxury sedan has two options including a petrol engine and an electric hybrid gasoline engine. The use of a petrol engine is a 3.5-liter V6 with a maximum capacity of 310 horsepower and maximum torque of 369 Nm. Comes with that a new generation 10-speed automatic transmission replaces the previous generation 6-speed type. In addition, this engine version is equipped with technology to assist the steering wheel behind Acura’s Precision All-Wheel Steering (P-AWS).

Acura RLX 2018 uses 2 engine optionsAcura RLX uses 2 engine options

On the hybrid version, the car uses a 3.5L V6 engine block with 3 electric motors running on Lithium Ion battery to increase the maximum capacity to 377 horsepower and maximum torque of 462Nm. This engine block provides power to the wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.


Feeling Acura RLX about the ability to operate, the car has been rated by many users for its positive stability as well as fuel economy. In particular, the version uses a gasoline engine with support system steering wheel steering Precision All-Wheel Steer gives the car stability when cornering at high speed. While the RLX Sport Hybrid version, the car is equipped with Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system is not inferior.

The model is capable of stable operation when cornering at high speedThe model is capable of stable operation when cornering at high speed

Acura RLX has a low fuel consumption ability, compared to the same segment of the car, Acura RLX specifications on fuel, the car can eat off many competitors. Specifically, Acura RLX gasoline engines have fuel consumption efficiency of about 11.7L / 100km of urban roads, 8.11L / 100km of expressways and 10.22L / 100km of mixed roads. Meanwhile, the RLX Sport Hybrid offers better fuel economy at 8.4L / 100km in urban areas, 8.11L / 100km on expressways and 8.4L / 100km mixed roads.

Vehicles capable of saving fuel quite impressiveVehicles capable of saving fuel quite impressive

However, Acura RLX does not quite provide a good operating experience. This model has low soundproofing ability with noise and wind coming into the cabin when traveling at high speed. In terms of driving experience, RLX does not bring the feeling of firm and smooth as rivals in the segment.

Evaluate Acura RLX on safety equipment

Acura RLX is highly rated for its safety features. The model was given a maximum score in five crash tests by the IIHS Institute of Traffic Safety. Vehicles equipped with a number of safety features such as multi-angle camera, support traffic jam when Traffic Jam Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control adaptive cruise control at low speed, the system helps automatic emergency braking, warning lane departure, forward collision warning, Lane Keeping Assist, lane keeping system, lane tracking and traffic status notification

Acura RLX 2018 is equipped with quite a lot of safety amenitiesAcura RLX is equipped with plenty of safety facilities

How much is Acura RLX?

Acura RLX car price compared to competitors in the same segment, the model has a “lighter” price pretty much. Specifically, in the US market, the model has a starting price of 54,900 USD.

Version Car price (USD) Conversion price (million dong
Acura RLX gasoline engine 54,900 1.258
Acura RLX Sport Hybrid (electric hybrid gasoline engine) 61,900 1,418

It can be seen that RLX meets quite the needs of the majority of users with quite reasonable prices. However, if customers want to choose one of the famous luxury sedans that come with high performance and high-class interior, the Acura RLX is not a reasonable choice. As assessed above, this sedan has an interior space that does not favor a lot of luxury and luxury. In short, when you intend to buy Acura RLX or not, customers should refer to models with the same price from big brands Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW …

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