Actress Spring Festival Gala rehearsal picture exposed, Reba Li Qinmei is out of the circle, but Ju Jingyi is like a "joke"

Actress Spring Festival Gala rehearsal picture exposed, Reba Li Qinmei is out of the circle, but Ju Jingyi is like a “joke”

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The long-awaited Spring Festival Gala is finally coming. Recently, Beijing Satellite TV held a rehearsal for the Spring Festival Gala and invited a lot of celebrities. Among them, there are more female celebrities, and many programs have been prepared, but they have not been released yet.

The editor just saw the looks of some female stars during the rehearsal, they are very beautiful.

Now that some pictures of the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal have not come out, let’s intersperse with some. The female stars are beautiful at all times, and they are still in good condition even in the live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala.

Just like at the Spring Festival Gala in 2020, Li Qin is very beautiful, a red dress with a smiling face, which makes the editor feel very happy and festive.

There is also Reba, who recorded the show on Beijing Satellite TV this year. Her look is also very beautiful, and she seems to be preparing for the future Spring Festival Gala.

Her style belongs to the more retro style, but her red look is also very festive, and her smile is beautiful and exquisite. The editor can’t wait to watch this year’s Spring Festival Gala.

In fact, it can be seen from Reba’s animation that this year’s Spring Festival Gala may be different. After all, although the Davids believe that although they have not yet fully announced who they are, their appearance is the first to go out of the circle. Reba and Li Qin And so on, the looks are beautiful, including the handsome guys, as well as always.

And from some pictures, it can be seen that some stars are already beautiful.

There are also some previous Reuters before the rehearsal, which are also very good, such as Li Qin.

And the status in the CCTV program. Isn’t it good to see it this way?

When Li Qin was not intensively repaired, although the skin tone was not very bright after the beauty effect was removed, the editor felt that it could hold up the CCTV program. I think it is already very good.

In addition to the beautiful Li Qin and Reba, there is also Ju Jingyi.

Ju Jingyi has also participated in the Spring Festival Gala in the past two years. Last year, she also participated in the skit program held by CCTV. His performance in it was also very good, and of course the appearance was also very beautiful.

But I have to say that Ju Jingyi may not be suitable for being in the same frame as other female stars.


The editor used the pictures of last year’s Spring Festival Gala to show everyone. Li Qin and Ju Jingyi were standing next to Huang Jingyu, but they were in completely different states. Li Qin had a very natural and generous feeling. But Ju Jingyi felt a little coy.

And judging from the facial expressions, there seems to be some collapse.

Look at her frown again, like a “joke”.

To be honest, her face is still OK in intensive repairs, but in the “no photo editing” shots of the Spring Festival Gala, the disadvantages will be revealed.

When you zoom in again, you will find that Ju Jingyi’s facial condition is very bad, especially the position of her cheekbones, which gives people a very prominent feeling.

In fact, she looked pretty good before. Why was it like that when she was born?

See how she looks when taking a selfie, isn’t it beautiful?

But in the live pictures or some videos, her skin condition and facial condition can’t stand the test, and Ju Jingyi’s cheekbones are very high, which is actually very unfavorable for her styling.

But despite this, Ju Jingyi is still very beautiful in normal times, which is without explanation.

So after so many Spring Festival Gala, which female star do you like?


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