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Hong Kong has developed from a small fishing village into a cosmopolitan city. Although it only took a short time in the historical torrent, the historical relics left over from this period have witnessed the rapid development of Hong Kong over the years and are also a valuable asset jointly owned by the community and the people. In order to strengthen the conservation of cultural relics, the SAR Government launched the Revitalization of Historic Buildings Partnership Scheme in 2008. Through revitalization and good use of historical buildings, they will discover new uses and inject new life for them.

As the plan is about to enter its twelfth year, and the latest sixth plan has begun, the Hong Kong Wen Wei Po will continue to make a phased summary of the plan through a series of reports for two days. Today, it will report on a number of projects that are undergoing tenders and preparations , Reveal the technical problems and difficulties encountered in each activation project. ■ Reporters of Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, Jianwen Feng and Meng Zhao

Fuzhou Yongtai Huahai Park opens before the Spring Festival

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