Activating 84Hz screen mode on Xiaomi Mi 9 will seriously affect the battery life - Photo 1.

Activating 84Hz screen mode on Xiaomi Mi 9 will seriously affect the battery life

Smart phones with high frequency screens are now becoming a hot commodity, all coming from the trend that Razer started in 2017. On the Razer Phone 2, when activating the screen mode 120Hz image, the battery life immediately dropped many hours. This smartphone has a terrible battery up to 4,000mAh, but with a refreshing frequency of 120Hz, it only lasted about 5 hours 41 minutes, according to PCMark's battery benchmark results.

The latest Xiaomi Mi 9 though not officially supports high refresh rates, but the modder has found a way to activate 84Hz screen mode. It sounds interesting, but like Razer Phone 2, you'll have to trade out battery life.

Again, the 84Hz refresh rate has been hidden by the manufacturer, and they have a good reason to do so. Xiaomi has never intended to Mi 9 running at high refresh rates like this. Once activated, you will not be able to switch between 60Hz and 84Hz with the push of a button; You need to flash a file to the system, then each time you want to transfer, you must restart the computer. Even modders do not know whether this mod file will harm the screen in the long run. But if you still feel excited, then continue to see some benchmark results below the battery to see how the 84Hz mode affects the Xiaomi Mi 9 experience. Consistent, but one thing is for sure, they show that 84Hz mode will shorten your screen usage time.

Each of the following tests is done using PCMark's Work 2.0 battery benchmark software. The test time is 3 days, and the device is fully charged, then rested to cool the machine first between tests.

As you can see, the 84Hz mode makes the battery life shorten, although the difference between 60Hz and 84Hz has fluctuations. As in the second test, the distance is very large, up to more than 1 hour and 30 minutes. You will find the battery life when the 84Hz mode is activated is worthy of considering your own needs, but if the battery of Mi 9 still doesn't satisfy you, you definitely shouldn't try this mod.

Reference: XDADevelopers

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