Activate the toolbar in Mozilla Firefox

Activate the toolbar in Mozilla Firefox

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The Mozilla Firefox toolbar makes it easy to use the browser, allowing access to various resources with just one click. However, you may be missing a tool or hardly use any of the standard options on the bar. To do this, you can customize the toolbar. Here’s how to do that.

To customize the Firefox toolbar, you must click the right mouse button over the bar and then select Personalize:

On the page that opens, you will have a number of tool options to insert into the bar. Just drag the feature you want to the empty spaces in the menu. It is also possible to drag an option already inserted in the bar back to the interface of available options:

In addition to the empty spaces that appear around the bar (see image below), Firefox also offers the so-called expanded menu. It is possible to add items that will not be accessible directly from the bar, but will appear when you click the arrow icon on the right:

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