Ace vs. Ace: Play "Cool and Cool", talk about her husband and child, Hua Chenyu has no shots at all

Ace vs. Ace: Play “Cool and Cool”, talk about her husband and child, Hua Chenyu has no shots at all

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In the latest issue of “Ace vs. Ace”, a new issue of flying guests is ushered in, and the main body of this issue is the fairy tale. All the members play characters from “Three Lives Three Worlds Pillow Book” and “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”.

However, it is a coincidence that the invited guests are relatively young, and they are still married, and even have children, like Tang Yan, Tang Yixin, and Ren Jialun.

Not long ago, singer Zhang Bichen broke out that he had a child, and at the same time, Hua Chenyu also generously admitted that she and Zhang Bichen had a child and were willing to raise the child together.

Of course, they were born out of wedlock and had no intention of being together in the future.

Having a child out of wedlock, the impact of this incident can be large or small. After all, it is not a good social atmosphere. Fortunately, Hua Chenyu is more responsible and dare to take responsibility for what he has done.

If you change to someone else, without Hua Chenyu’s income, and without Hua Chenyu’s responsibility, I am afraid that giving birth out of wedlock will become a disaster for the woman.

In “Ace Vs Ace”, there is a talent show on the show, and the song is “Cool”.

As everyone knows, “Cool and Cool” is the theme song of “Sansheng III Shili Peach Blossom” and is sung by Zhang Bichen.

However, this performance is the story in “Three Lives Three Worlds Pillow Book”.

Of course, this is an adaptation of “Coolness”. However, there was no scene of Hua Chenyu before and after this performance.

Otherwise, this is not the most embarrassing. At the end of “Ace vs. Ace”, there are usually some sensational links.

And this issue is all the guests together, drawing tips to answer some of the questions in life.

Coincidentally, Tang Yan asked a question: Where does your sense of security come from.

Tang Yan said that her sense of security came from herself and her family. Then she talked about her baby and shared with everyone that when the baby was just born, because she and Luo Jin didn’t know how to take care of the child, because she just gave birth, Tang Yan could only Lying on the bed, Luo Jin hugged the baby and didn’t dare to sleep at all.

Tang Yan’s face was full of happiness, and the barrage at this time was also boiling. Everyone was crazy cue Hua Chenyu. At this time, there is still no scene of Hua Chenyu. Maybe Hua Chenyu heard this and his face was not suitable for everyone to see.

Later, Tang Yixin agreed. Since the child was born during the epidemic, only one person could be left, so Zhang Ruoyun took care of the child for three days without rest and sleep, washing the clothes for the child, and his hands were worn out.

When these mothers talked about their children, they all thanked their husbands very much. They told me about their husbands bringing the children after giving birth, which is worth remembering.

They all have a common point of view: it’s not that children can’t do without us, but we can’t do without them.

This segment of the scene is all around a few flying guests, and occasionally there are other people’s scenes, but Hua Chenyu can’t be seen.

Zhang Bichen said that she gave birth to the child without telling Hua Chenyu, which shows that Hua Chenyu did not show up when the child needed him most.

What Tang Yan and Tang Yixin want to express is that it is a very happy thing to have a husband who loves them. Everyone is a newcomer. Everyone has no experience in taking care of children. We will learn together and make progress together, loving and loving. This memory is unforgettable in a lifetime .

I don’t know what Hua Chenyu thinks?


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