"Ace vs. Ace" Hua Chenyu offends the advertising funder by mistake, Jia Ling feels inferior and dare not speak

“Ace vs. Ace” Hua Chenyu offends the advertising funder by mistake, Jia Ling feels inferior and dare not speak

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“Ace vs. Ace” is a small game that exposes the biggest problem of entertainment stars. Hua Chen has offended the advertising sponsor by mistake, and Jia Ling has a low self-esteem and dare not speak. The trump card of this issue invited the host to team up with the trump card, Ni Ping, Yang Lan, Zhang Shaogang, Ma Dong, and Yang Di.

The first game is word-of-mouth, but it is in English. The program group gives a word. Everyone must describe it in English. You can’t speak Chinese. Pass it in order to see if the last person can guess it. Moreover, the program team also found a few foreign guests to intersperse among them, which added to the difficulty. The word to be delivered in the first round was “bone hyperplasia”. The first shot was Shen Teng. Since he could not speak Chinese, Shen Teng held back for a long time. Don’t come out with a “no sun” and a sentence of “not good”, which made the hall burst into laughter.

Jia Ling is not much better. She doesn’t even speak Italian and English. She thought that Huahua and Xiaotong would be better. After all, they were college students, so they only knew a few simple words, and they couldn’t communicate with foreigners at all. When it came to the host group, although Yang Di couldn’t do the first shot, fortunately, Yang Lan was very good at the last shot. He could communicate with foreigners without barriers. All the information passed was gotten, and he guessed it with the help of Zhang Shaogang. I have to say that variety stars should improve their personal abilities, not to mention that they have to reach the level of Yang Lan that can be interviewed in English. The most basic communication should be possible. This is too shameful.

In the second round, it was also a game of culture and idioms. In the third round, when describing teacher Zhang Shaogang’s feelings in class, something happened. Huahua opened his mouth and said, “You’re a kid,” and the whole audience was fried. You must know that Zhang Shaogang is the famous teacher of XX classroom, and this XX classroom is also the sponsor of the program. If the sponsor is the wrong person, it is estimated that it will be difficult for Hua Chenyu to get off the stage.

The third round is to use a few words to make sentences. By this point, the ace family has no energy, and it has no strength of the host in the past. It is crushed so badly. The ace family is pure nonsense, which is completely illogical. Jia Ling herself I’m sorry to say it.

As an entertainment star, you still have to improve your business abilities in time. Do not overwhelm your skills. When there is no comparison, you will be fine. As soon as there are professional people, they will compare the superiors and the superiors. This will expose the weaknesses of the Ace family. People are just having fun, and it’s totally impossible to really come to real life, but of course we don’t watch variety shows for learning, that is, to have fun, and there is no need to take it too seriously.


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